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Join hands with U-Run 2019 Tsinghua Campus Marathon China Post presents new development and new image
Join hands with U-Run 2019 Tsinghua Campus Marathon China Post presents new development and new image
| China Post |2019-04-16

The U-Run 2019 Tsinghua Campus Marathon, sponsored by Tsinghua University and supported by China Post as a strategic partner, kicked off at 9:00 a.m. on April 13. More than 4,000 Tsinghua teachers, students and alumni, adhering to the University’s motto of "Self-Discipline and Social Commitment" and the belief of "Work Healthily for the Motherland for 50 Years", ran together in the beautiful Tsinghua Garden on the bright spring morning. Wang Xiqin, Executive Vice President of Tsinghua University, Xiang Botao, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Tsinghua University Committee, and Kang Ning, Deputy Managing Director of China Post Group, together fired the starting gun. After the kick-off ceremony, both sides visited the postal exhibition and the interactive demonstration area, enabling the administrators of Tsinghua University to get a more concrete, comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of China Post, with the development of China Post highly praised by the Tsinghua administrators.

The U-Run 2019 Tsinghua Campus Marathon is the only sports event registered on the academic calendar of Tsinghua University. It has become an annually routine event of the anniversary celebration of Tsinghua University, establishing great influence on Tsinghua alumni at home and abroad. As a strategic partner of this event, China Post worked together with the organizing committee of U-Run Tsinghua Marathon to promote the brand awareness of China Post. Together with the Postal Savings Bank of China (PSBC), China Post Life Insurance Co., Ltd., the Parcel, Express and Logistics Business Unit, the Postal Service Unit, China Post Distribution Bureau of E-commerce and other departments under its jurisdiction, China Post Group set up a 150m2 exclusive core exhibition area. With "New Post, New Development and New Image" as its main theme, the exhibition highlights "One Post" to presents its strategic development priorities and achievements in reform and innovation and invigorates this exciting Marathon event. The logo of China Post and its related elements appeared on all the landscapes of the event and the materials for the athletes, including the athletes' clothes, competition bags, and brochures and so on. The broadcasting of a promotional film and the on-site interaction of the host also helped the brand promotion. At the same time, all the media of Tsinghua University and the major Internet-based media, such as xinhuanet.com, People's Daily Online, Jinri Toutiao, Tencent and so on, also focused their attention on China Post and gave it extensive coverage.

At the event site, PSBC prepared a rich experience of campus financial products and offered consulting services. China Post Life Insurance Company provided short-term accident insurance for all marathon runners and rendered them AI intelligent physical examination on the spot. The Philatelic professionals carefully prepared a themed stamp show entitled "Stories between Tsinghua and Postage Stamps", and particularly developed commemorative envelopes and postmarks for the event. The Postal Service Unit offered printing service of customized postmarks and DIY postcards. The e-commerce and delivery professionals provided some featured fruits delivered directly from their origins and EMS coupons. Zheng Zhilei, an alumnus of Tsinghua University who completed the competition, said that after visiting the exhibition area, he gained a more profound knowledge of the post and began to know that China Post had expanded from the basic postal services such as delivering letters and newspapers to banking, insurance, securities, and e-commerce to meet the increasingly diversified and individualized needs of the masses, which changed his preconception about China Post. At last, he wished China Post an even better future.

China Post has always been committed to the cultivation of young customers, especially the future elite of the society from top universities. This time, China Post worked together with the U-Run 2019 Tsinghua University Marathon to present a diversified, innovative, technological and dynamic new image to more young people by means of demonstrations through smart devices, interactive games, product experience, brand culture shows, etc., enabling them to experience the most cutting-edge, most convenient and most thoughtful postal service and making them feel that China Post, the "century-old business", is rejuvenating with its "new" vitality.

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