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PSBC authorization robots handle more than 10 million transactions
PSBC authorization robots handle more than 10 million transactions
| China Post |2019-04-24

Since the PSBC authorization robots began operation in January 2019, they have completed more than 10 million transactions, which has realized the intelligent and rapid processing of personal deposit and withdrawal as well as money transfer services through centralized authorization.

Since 2014, over-the-counter transactions of personal business in all PSBC outlets have been changed from the on-site authorization mode to the centralized authorization mode, making it possible to separate counter service from back office work, thus improving the risk management and control level. The authorization robot is one of the first batch of golden ideas emerging from the “mass entrepreneurship and innovation” campaign of China Post Group. By adopting machine learning technology, the robot can accurately identify images of the documents and convert them into text messages after deep learning of a large number of templates. It then conducts automatic matching on the basis of the preset authorization verification rules, and eventually assists the counter clerks in verifying the authenticity of the customers’ information through face recognition technology. At present, the authorization robots have replaced nearly 20% of the manual input workload, with the recognition rate stable at about 93%, the average transaction volume being 150,000 daily, and 250,000 daily during the peak period of the Spring Festival, with the average transaction time reduced from 30 seconds to 3 seconds.

The application of authorization robots indicates that PSBC is at an advanced level in the banking industry in terms of the integration of AI technology with practical operation. The authorization robots have reduced the number of personnel occupied in simple operations, saving both manpower and office costs. Besides, machine recognition system can perform tasks more accurately than humans. After the successful start with the authorization robots, the next step PSBC will take is to expand the application of intelligent robots to such areas as over-the-counter electronic banking transactions and corporate settlement business, thus replacing the manual entry of checks, electronic remittance and bank-in slips, . In the future, PSBC will continue to focus on digital transformation in its operation and management and constantly explore business application scenarios of new technologies with a view to preventing and controlling risks, improving efficiency, reducing costs, and achieving high-quality development.

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