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China Post won awards for central SOEs talent development
China Post won awards for central SOEs talent development
| China Post |2019-05-14

Recently, the 4th (2019) annual meeting of China’s Association for Executives Development and the summit forum entitled “Implementing the New Education and Training Plan for Officials Nationwide to Provide High-quality Service for the Development of State-owned Enterprises” closed in Beijing. The meeting commended the winning programs for 2018 central State-owned enterprises (hereafter central SOEs) talent development, and the winning entries of the 2nd Central SOEs “Association Cup” micro-course contest. China Post Group won group awards and a number of individual awards in this event.

Among group programs for 2018 central SOEs talent development, China Post Online College won the award of Outstanding Online College (Online Platform). Besides, two of its training courses won the Outstanding Teaching Material Awards.

To the “Association Cup” micro-course contest, China Post Group presented 196 entries. Among them, the micro-courses entered by the postal branches of Guangdong, Heilongjiang, Sichuan, Henan, Shandong and Anhui, the Parcel, Express and Logistics Business Unit of China Post Group as well as China Post Group Training Center won the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes and the Best Teaching Design Award respectively. The micro-course presented by Guangdong Postal Branch stood out among the 2377 entries and got the 1st prize. China Post Group won the Best Contribution Award and the 2nd prize for group awards.   

The purpose of this event is to commend the outstanding achievements accomplished in the central SOEs education and training programs, share and promote their remarkable practices and special experiences, so as to further drive the construction of the talent development system for the central SOEs.

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