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Laos learns from Hunan Postal Branch the experience of poverty alleviation in Shibadong Village
Laos learns from Hunan Postal Branch the experience of poverty alleviation in Shibadong Village
| China Post |2019-05-07

On April 29, a delegation from the government of Oud?mxai province, Laos, visited Shibadong Village, Huayuan county, Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture in Hunan Province, to investigate and study the experience of Hunan Postal Branch in their poverty alleviation effort. The delegation applauded the poverty alleviation model forged by Hunan Postal Branch on the basis of a theme post office.

In the theme post office of poverty alleviation and convenience service in Shibadong Village, the delegation first listened to the introduction that the theme post office had played its role in four fields of e-commerce, convenience services, policy advocacy and cultural dissemination; then inquired in detail about the operation model that Hunan Postal Branch had adopted in branding the Shibadong kiwifruits as the representative farm produce in the "One Province One Brand" project during the "919 E-commerce Festival" launched by China Post. The delegation said that the brand "Shibadong kiwifruits" is a great achievement of China Post, which has not only promoted Chinese culture but also disseminated the experience of targeted poverty alleviation. The experience and practice of Shibadong Village and Hunan Postal Branch deserve to be considered, learned and borrowed by the provincial government and provincial postal branch of Oud?mxai. The Oud?mxai provincial government plans to build a popularization and demonstration base for the experience of China-Laos targeted poverty alleviation projects this year, and build "Shibadong kiwifruits" into a China-Laos cross border e-commerce project, so as to promote the profound friendship between China and Laos and boost the rapid development of tourism economy in the "Belt and Road" countries.

Since the 18th CPC National Congress, Hunan Postal Branch has thoroughly implemented the important instruction of General Secretary Xi Jinping on targeted poverty alleviation. In 2016, using the online micro-marketing platform "yousanxiang", Hunan Postal Branch planned and launched a "Peach Tree Adoption" campaign in Shibadong village. In only eight days, more than 4,060 peach trees were "adopted" and 1.697 million yuan (about $257000then) was raised. In the same year, the Xiangxi Prefecture Government and Hunan Postal Branch signed a strategic partnership agreement to jointly promote the development of rural e-commerce. In 2017, Hunan Postal Branch invested 300,000 yuan (about $43,400) to set up a theme post office on poverty alleviation and convenience service in Shibadong Village. The theme post office has helped to sell the high-quality farm produces of the village to all parts of the country through such online platforms as ule.com, ule shopkeepers, ule shops and yousanxiang app. Up to now, it has generated total sales of 300,000 yuan (about $43400) for the villagers. In 2018, Hunan Postal Branch brought Shibadong kiwifruits to the 2nd "919 E-commerce Festival" representing the featured farm produce of Hunan province in the "One Province One Brand" project, and realized a sales of more than 3.2 million yuan (about $462,950), accounting for more than 60% of the total annual sales volume in the local area that year. Meanwhile, 18% of its profit was donated to Shibadong Village to support the development of their collective economy.

It is understood that at present, discussions on cooperation projects are actively pushed forward between Huayuan County and a local county of Oudomxai Province, Laos. The two sides have expressed their hope that in the future, they will strengthen exchanges in such areas as targeted poverty alleviation and rural tourism to achieve joint development. In the meantime, China Post and Laos Post will reinforce their cooperation in cross-border e-commerce.

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