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China Post Group pushes forward automobile industry chain synergic expansion project
China Post Group pushes forward automobile industry chain synergic expansion project
| China Post |2019-05-21

On May 17, China Post Group held a promotion meeting on the 2019 Automobile Industry Chain Synergic Expansion Project. According to the meeting, China Post will, based on the needs of the upstream, midstream and downstream customers of the automobile industry chain, build a unified brand of "China Post Auto Services" and launch comprehensive service packages in the aspects of financing, banking, auto sellers’ service and auto owners’ service. China Post calls for all units to make clear their own tasks and collaboratively push forward the implementation of the project. Zhang Jinliang, President of China Post Group, and Kang Ning, Vice President of China Post Group, attended the meeting.

Zhang Jinliang required that all units should have a deep understanding of the instructions put forward by Chairman Liu Aili that synergy is the first strategy and the core strength of China Post. And all units should fully understand the importance of synergy from the perspectives of customers, competition and industry best practices. According to Zhang, mismatches still exist in synergy currently, such as mismatches between understanding and action, between competence and market demands, and between work requirements and working methods. So all units should adopt problem-oriented approaches, work hard to build a sound system of synergy, and implement their specific tasks in accordance with the requirements of the Group. All units should push ahead with the implementation of the key projects, and ensure the synergic development of the market by focusing on key synergic projects such as automobile industry chain, benefiting farmers, government affairs, and cross-border e-commerce. All units should see that the client platform of the headquarters and scenarios are interconnected, and ensure the successful transformation of the postal outlets and the multiplication of their functions. All units should attach importance to the extension of typical experiences, share effective working methods, create a good working atmosphere, and build up confidence in work.

Kang Ning announced the arrangements for the key tasks at the meeting. He said that all units should focus on the “China Post Auto Services” brand and the four comprehensive service packages to drive the implementation of the project. The headquarters should formulate a sound top-level design, and the provincial postal branches should guarantee the market expansion. The synergic leading group of all business units at the headquarters and the synergic development committees of provincial branches should strengthen their main responsibility, and make full efforts to push forward the project.

At the meeting, PSBC and the Parcel, Express and Logistics Business Unit respectively introduced their own implementation plan for the synergic expansion project of the automobile industry chain.

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