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China Post shows futuristic technology at WCIFIT
China Post shows futuristic technology at WCIFIT
| China Post |2019-05-21

On May 19, the 4-day second Western China International Fair for Investment and Trade (hereinafter referred to as WCIFIT) came to a successful conclusion. At the invitation of the Chongqing Municipal Government, China Post Group participated in the fair for the sixth consecutive year. In front of more than 4,000 companies and 70,000 participants from 95 countries and regions, China Post displayed its achievements in serving the national strategy, its comprehensive strength in building the “national team” of the industry and its connection with ordinary people’s everyday life. Visitors from all over the world experienced the postal service of the new era by interacting with such futuristic technologies as the graphite interactive wall and the somatosensory broadcasting system, etc.

The exhibition hall of China Post was located in a designated area for the world's top 500 enterprises, covering 416 square meters. It was divided into three major exhibition areas, namely “New Era and New Post”, “New Development and New Life” and “New Breakthroughs and New Cooperation”; as well as three physical experience zones, namely “Smart Life” ,“Green Life” and “theme post office”, each bearing some special features.   

The graphite interactive wall in the “New Development and New Life” area was a compact guide map for all postal services, reflecting the overall ecological chain of postal enterprises in serving people's everyday life. By touching the interactive wall, visitors could immediately view the postal services, products and their connection with customers’ daily life.

Also in the “New Development and New Life” area was an intelligent health management experience zone created by China Post Life Insurance Company. The high-tech equipment could check people’s physical conditions through a simple “look and touch”, thus attracting many visitors to come and experience.

The sign of the “New Breakthroughs and New Cooperation” area was a big screen with a dynamic 3D globe on it. Visitors could touch and rotate the globe, and get a complete knowledge of China Post on its role in the Belt and Road Initiative, its international services as well as its overseas strategic partnership circle.

In the "Smart Life" area, the unmanned delivery vehicle independently developed by China Post attracted visitors’ attention. The vehicle, with 30 compartments in it, is mainly for the delivery of light and small packets. Through its own Geographic Information System (GIS) combined with intellisense, big data analysis and other technologies, it can automatically drive to the customers, enabling them to collect their items by scanning the QR code. “At present, it is still in the testing stage. Later, it will frequently be seen in business buildings, on campuses, in your neighborhoods and other places." An attendant explained. “In the future when 5G prevails, the real-time, remote and 360-degree monitoring of the unmanned delivery vehicles can be carried out to improve their flexibility. They will play a prominent role in rescue and disaster relief, and in an environment where drones cannot take off."

It is worth mentioning that the China Post Exhibition Hall particularly launched a stamp exhibition celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China this year. By double-clicking the stamp pattern on the “Waterfall Flow” screen and scanning the QR code, visitors could learn more about the stories behind the stamps.

Empowered by science and technology and driven by innovation, China Post of the new era is assuming a wonderful new look, and is highlighting its main aim of serving a better life in a brilliant way. This WCIFIT has enabled more people to closely experience a different China Post.

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