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China Post won ATD Excellence of Practice Award again
China Post won ATD Excellence of Practice Award again
| China Post |2019-06-04

At the invitation of the Talent Development Association (ATD), China Post delegation participated in the 2019 ATD International Conference and Exposition in Washington, D.C. from May 19 to 22. With a total of 13,500 training professionals from 88 countries attending, this year’s ATD Conference and Expo is unprecedented.

The conference organized more than 470 keynote speeches and sessions on 12 topics including career development, talent management, leadership development, learning evaluation and analysis, global perspectives and so on. Over 400 global suppliers demonstrated their latest achievements in training solutions, curriculum development and learning technology, etc. China Post delegation attended 23 keynote speeches and sessions on talent development report, trends in learning changes, the ROI of training and so on, and visited new digital tools, teaching VR experience, application of AI in training and other expo contents. Meanwhile, China Post delegation also held talks with the president of ATD on pushing both sides to deepen their cooperation in talent training and development, and exchanged ideas with iconic companies in the field of international talent development.

At the conference, the delegation learned a lot about new ideas, new knowledge, new technologies and new methods in international talent development, as well as successful experience from advanced countries and iconic companies. During the conference, ATD recognized organizations and individuals for their excellence and contributions across the talent development field. China Post won the 2018 Excellence in Practice Award for their project Strategy Execution and Leadership Enhancement Training for General Managers of County-Level Subsidiaries, and the ATD 2019 Global Partner Award as well.

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