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Large postal UAV transports mail cross the sea
Large postal UAV transports mail cross the sea
| China Post |2019-06-03

At 5:58 on May 29, an amphibious unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with China Post logo took off from Xingfu Seadrome in Jinshan, Shanghai. Fully laden with mail, it landed smoothly at 6:50 in Shengsi Island waters in Zhoushan, Zhejiang. It took 52 minutes for the UAV to cross the 110-kilometer strait. This flight was the first time in the express industry to use a large fixed-wing UAV to transport mail across the sea. It also marked a solid step forward for China Post's large UAV mail transport. In the future, China Post will continue to test the application of large UAVs in actual scenarios, with a view to accelerating the delivery of Party newspapers and journals, facilitating targeted poverty alleviation, responding positively to the military-civilian integration strategy, and contributing to the national emergency and security protection work.


UAV in flight


The UAV is about to take off at the seadrome


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