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China Post joined CFPA for ten years delivering care packages to six million students nationwide
China Post joined CFPA for ten years delivering care packages to six million students nationwide
| China Post |2019-05-28

In the past ten years, the Care Packages donated by kind-hearted people all over the country have been delivered to 28,000 schools in 853 counties of 31 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions) through the green channel of China Post, sending care and warmth to 6 million students in China. On May 28, the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA) and China Post Group jointly held a summary meeting for the 10th anniversary of the Care Package Program in Beijing. Jiang Shaogao, the seventh Vice President of the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, Wang Dayang, an official of the State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development, and Kang Ning, Vice President of China Post Group, attended the meeting and delivered speeches.

Jiang Shaogao said in his speech that ten years ago, under the guidance of the State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development,and with the support of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce and the Social Welfare and Charity Promotion Department under the Ministry of Civil Affairs, together with the special support of China Post Group and the CCTV Movie Channel, CFPA’s Care Package Program was launched at the Great Hall of the People on April 26, 2009. Ten years of facilitating poverty alleviation through education and ten years of maintaining its initial philanthropic mission, the program has never changed its down-to-earth manner and keeps innovating. It can be said that the program owes every inch of its progress to the support of many parties. On the other hand, it has also called for the participation of millions of people. Mr. Jiang especially thanked China Post for its efforts in the Care Package Program. It is China Post that has enabled the 6 million packages to be delivered to disaster-stricken areas and impoverished counties, home and abroad, spreading goodwill along the way.

Kang Ning said in his speech that China Post, as an important public service and key infrastructure of the country, always regards universal postal service as the "root" and "soul" of the postal enterprises for their survival and development. As a result, China Post has been keeping pace with the development of the times and improving the capacity and level of universal and special postal services; and a large number of role models have emerged in their service to the society and the people. At the decisive stage of poverty alleviation, China Post has responded actively to the call of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, and implemented thoroughly the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on poverty alleviation, fulfilling conscientiously the political, social and economic responsibilities of a centrally administered SOE, giving full play to its industrial advantages in poverty alleviation, and contributing to the victory of the critical battle against poverty.

Kang Ning pointed out that Care Package is a well-known charity brand in the society. It is also an important task in implementing the decision and plan of the central government for poverty alleviation. In the future, China Post will continue to work with CFPA, fully implement its political and social responsibilities, better accomplish the lofty mission of spreading love and care, and inject new vitality into the Care Package Program, so as to make greater contribution to poverty alleviation and the development of philanthropy.

On April 26, 2009, China Post, collaborating with CFPA, launched the Care Package Program. Since then, it has been taking its advantage of nationwide outlets and widely-accepted brand image to promote the program, and committing to improving the comprehensive development and living conditions of the primary school students in poverty-stricken rural areas. As a special support unit of this program, China Post undertakes various supporting services such as donation acceptance, package transportation, fund collection, invoice and recipient confirmation card delivery, ensuring thousands of care packages to be delivered accurately and timely to the needy students in the disaster- or poverty-stricken areas, thereby promoting the vigorous development of the public welfare. The Care Package Program is CFPA’s first brand program with an annual fundraising of over 100 million yuan (about $14.46 million), and also one with the largest number of beneficiaries.

During the ten years’ operation of this program, China Post has consistently implemented the requirements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council for targeted poverty alleviation, combined with its universal postal service obligations, and exerted the advantages of its network channels which cover the whole country and penetrate into poverty-stricken rural areas, thereby enabling the close integration of the Care Package Program and targeted poverty alleviation. It can be said that where there are people, there is China Post; and where there is Chinese Post, there must be love transmitted. In response to this program, China Post has opened 36,000 postal outlets nationwide for the acceptance of care package donations. It has also developed a special system for this program which breaks the traditional way of mailing processing and adopts a brand new operation mode of distributed acceptance, centralized processing as well as integrated transport and delivery, thus guaranteeing the convenience, transparency and accuracy of the donation. With the support of 2.32 million philanthropists, 702 million yuan (about $101 million) of social donations, and 36,000 postal outlets and 6 major parcel processing centers, the influence of the program has been greatly expanded.

Also present in the meeting were service teams and individuals of the Care Package Program from 10 provincial and municipal postal branches of Beijing, Liaoning, Jiangsu and so on.

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