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Postal unmanned delivery vehicle debugged in Beijing
Postal unmanned delivery vehicle debugged in Beijing
| China Post |2019-06-18

Recently, an unmanned delivery vehicle developed by China Post has undergone debugging and field experiment in Beijing.

China Post's unmanned delivery vehicle is about 2 meters long, 0.8 meters wide and 1.5 meters high. It has three working modes: remote driving, parallel driving and unmanned driving. The maximum speed of unmanned driving can reach 15 kilometers per hour. The body has 30 parcel compartments. The vertical adjacent compartments can also be turned into large capacity compartments by removing the partitions. The maximum loading capacity of the vehicle adds up to 200 kg, which can both effectively improve the efficiency of delivery operation and provide users with better and more convenient delivery services. 

It is reported that this unmanned delivery vehicle is designed to function in closed and semi-closed environment such as parks, residential areas, colleges and universities. When operating, its sensors can sense the surrounding environment for positioning, thereby planning the optimal driving path. In the next stage, the relevant units of Beijing Postal Branch will continue to provide support and coordination, offering test sites, manpower and material resources for the research and development of unmanned delivery vehicles, and contributing to the technological empowerment of China Post.

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