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Remote centralized monitoring helps realize three-dimensional management of smart post
Remote centralized monitoring helps realize three-dimensional management of smart post
| China Post |2019-06-19

Keynote: Based on the concept of intelligent IoT architecture, China Post Remote Centralized Monitoring System makes full use of IoT technology and constructs a highly scalable and compatible corporate security management and control platform, whose function integrates intelligent risk prevention and control, business operation supervision, and remote direction and dispatch. This system is conducive to the safe development, cost reduction and efficiency improvement, risk prevention and control and visual management of postal services, and it will finally contribute to the three-dimensional management of smart post.

China Post Remote Centralized Monitoring System Project (hereinafter referred to as "Remote Centralized Monitoring System") makes full use of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, and integrates intelligent risk prevention and control, business operation supervision and remote direction and dispatch to construct a highly scalable and compatible enterprise security management and control platform. With this system, nationwide networking and real-time visualization is realized in China Post’s proxy financial outlets, self-service banking, self-service equipment, commercial vaults, business premises, and mail processing centers.

Since the system was launched on June 30, 2017, China Post has already completed the video surveillance networking of all its proxy financial outlets nationwide. At the same time, the system has been successively accessed to postal premises and mail processing centers, amounting to more than 980,000 video surveillance points. Thus, the large-scale network of China Post Remote Centralized Monitoring System has been initially accomplished. The accomplishment of the system is an important milestone of the postal enterprises in improving their management level. It has provided the postal enterprises with a stabler and safer development environment for postal operation and management, and enriched their business supervision means. It has also facilitated them to downsize for efficiency, reducing their corporate management costs. Furthermore, it supports the comprehensive risk prevention and control as well as internal control system. At the same time, through docking with postal financial compliance system, direction and dispatch system, short message service system, and banknote carrier vehicle positioning system, visualization is realized across the whole network and the whole process, which brings the postal corporate management into a new era of visualization with multi-level, multi-angle and omni-directional perceptions, and which will ultimately contribute to the three-dimensional management of smart post and the fulfillment of the social responsibilities shouldered by China Post.

The Remote Centralized Monitoring System is based on the technologies of video-audio multimedia, network communications and storage. It programs functions, standardizes networking technologies and integrates video resources in a unified manner. It integrates and processes various data resources such as video, audio, alarm, intercom, access control and so on within the system, conducts comprehensive management over the equipment, users, network, security and services within the system to realize the related functions set by the Remote Centralized Monitoring System. This system has established its national center, provincial centers and municipal centers. Its organization involves the head office of China Post Group, postal branches at the levels of provinces, cities/prefectures, counties and postal outlets as well. It makes comprehensive use of the IoT technology, relies on local monitoring resources, integrates video resources nationwide, and constructs a national network platform of "three-level networking, four-level management and control". Its users include senior executives, system administrators, security administrators, service quality supervisors, proxy financial service administrators, monitoring watchmen, etc. Establishing and implementing the responsibility system of workplace safety management through this project can improve emergency response capability, enhance corporate security level, and raise the quality of customer service and the employees’ happiness index. Take Yongchuan District of Chongqing city as an example. The change from on-site duty mode to centralized monitoring off-site duty mode can subtract about 175 part-time watchmen in 117 tier 4 commercial vaults, which can reduce the actual cost by 590,000 yuan (about $85,813) a year.

The construction of the Remote Centralized Monitoring System has made it possible for round-the-clock real-time monitoring of postal premises, visual analytics of national alarm data and information interaction of the collaborative operation of multiple business systems within the postal system. By using remote video surveillance and action with alarm technology, it has constructed a "machine + rules" automatic risk prevention and control and internal management and control system. The construction of the Remote Centralized Monitoring System has also improved the flat, visualized and intelligent direction and control system, and effectively strengthened the emergency command capability of postal organizations at all levels. Eventually, it will benefit China Post Group in strengthening its management and control, tapping its potential of supervision, improving its supervision efficiency, effectively guarding against safety risks and operational risks, and improving overall efficiency and profits of the enterprise. On the basis of the construction of the Remote Centralized Monitoring System, the “Visual Management Transformation Based on the Intelligent IoT” developed by the Information Technology Bureau of China Post Group was awarded the second prize of the 14th National Postal Enterprise Management Modernization Innovation Achievement Award.

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