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China Post Insurance goes all out for Sichuan earthquake
China Post Insurance goes all out for Sichuan earthquake
| China Post |2019-06-28

At 22:55, June 17, a 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck Changning County of Yibin City, Sichuan Province. After the earthquake, China Post Life Insurance Co, Ltd. (referred to as “China Post Insurance”) took the initiative and reacted quickly. Relying on its special operating model of “self-operation+agent”, China Post Insurance immediately activated its contingency plan, reinforced unified efforts across the company, and exerted the synergy of the postal sector, the banking sector and the insurance itself within China Post Group, delivering service and care promptly to the forefront of the affected area, and practicing the requirements of the “stay true to the original aspiration and keep the founding mission firmly in mind” education with practical actions.

China Post Insurance responded quickly to the earthquake and activated the contingency plan promptly. The emergency response committee launched a uniform plan to give full play to the company’s efforts in the relief and rescue work and claim service. China Post Insurance opened a “green channel” for claims, releasing information about claim services and accepting claims inquiries and reports by the customers. China Post Insurance Sichuan Branch immediately set up an emergency response leading group led by the head of the Branch, so as to get well informed about the disaster, collect and investigate customers’ information. Major executives in charge arrived at the affected area on the morning of June 18 to visit and show solicitude to the employees, and direct claims inquiries and services on site.

At the same time, the postal sector, the banking sector and the insurance collaborated in an efficient and orderly manner. China Post Insurance took the initiative to communicate with the postal branches and Postal Savings Bank branches, displaying the claims report phone number on the LED screens at postal outlets in the affected area, hanging banners of “China Post Insurance Claims Report Point”, and spreading the message that China Post Insurance claims can be accepted at any postal outlets. It also contacted with the surrounding postal branches of Zigong, Neijiang and Luzhou to find out about the damages they suffered in the disaster, and to remind them to conduct early warnings and take anti-seismic measures. To serve customers efficiently and practically, China Post Insurance has continuously communicated with supervision departments, industrial associations, businesses of the same industry in its efforts to get information about the casualties from different channels and make substantial investigations into its customers.

So far, China Post Insurance hasn’t received any claims report. But it has sent text messages, together with follow-up calls, to over 5000 customers at Changning and Gongxian to extend solicitude to them and inform them about possible claims. China Post Insurance will continue to pay close attention to the changing situation of the disaster, collaborating with the local governments, supervision departments and industrial associations in emergency response and subsequent claims settlement, and providing guaranteed insurance to the customers.

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