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Quick response to Liu Aili’s call for earthquake relief, postal outlets in Changning and Gongxian restore operation
Quick response to Liu Aili’s call for earthquake relief, postal outlets in Changning and Gongxian restore operation
| China Post |2019-06-21

At 22:55, June 17, a 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck Changning County of Yibin City, Sichuan Province. 13 people died and 220 were injured in this earthquake. By 16:00, June 19, the rescue work has basically concluded. Because of their proximity to the epicenter, postal outlets such as Shuanghe, Longtou of Changning County and Gongquan of Gongxian County are seriously affected. According to the on-site evaluation by professionals, the above 3 postal outlets were assessed as dangerous buildings and could no longer be used.

After the earthquake, China Post Group thoroughly implemented the instructions and guidance made by General Secretary Xi Jinping and other leaders of the CPC Central Committee, and made prompt plans for the earthquake relief work. Liu Aili, Chairman and Secretary of the Leading Party Members’ Group of China Post, instantly inquired the damages of the postal service in the quake-hit area, expressed his cordial solicitude to the postal employees, and made requirements for the earthquake relief work. Liu stressed that, while ensuring the security of the employees and the properties, postal companies should commit to their operation, delivery and other related services to guarantee the postal demands of the people in the disaster area, and timely transmit the voice of the Party and the government. The Postal Savings Bank of China should provide services without interruption, especially guarantee ample cash supply, and give full play to the important role of financial service in disaster rescue and relief efforts. China Post Insurance should show genuine concern in times of crisis, and ensure that claims are settled in time, in place and professionally. Liu also demanded that in earthquake relief work, China Post should shoulder its duty as an enterprise directly under the central government, fully demonstrate the role of the “national team” which is to follow instructions, respond quickly and secure the victory at critical moments .

In order to quickly implement Liu Aili’s requirements and ensure the consistency of postal services in the quake-hit area, the postal branch of Yibin City has equipped the three postal outlets of Shuanghe, Longtou and Gongquan with mobile postal service vans through emergency dispatch and borrowing. By 18:30, June 19, with the successful trial of the mobile postal service vans in Longtou post office, all postal outlets in Changning and Gongxian restored operation.

The postal sub-branch of Shuanghe is located in the epicenter of the earthquake and damaged the most seriously. After the earthquake, the postal branch of Yibin City reacted immediately, dispatched postal service vans there on the second day and made them operational the same day. From 8:30, June19 to the present, 59 financial transactions have been made, 5 parcels and ordinary letters collected. Due to changes of people’s residence in the disaster area, postmen are trying every means to deliver mail to customers. Postal service vans of Longtou and Gongquan were provided by the postal branch of Neijiang and PSBC Yibin Branch respectively. They arrived and successful tested at the temporary service points on June 19 and began operation at 8:30, June 20. Up to now, 11 financial transactions have been made, 14 parcels collected at Longtou mobile postal service points; 20 financial transactions have been made and 107 mail items delivered at Gongquan service points.

To extend the concern and warmth of the Party and the government to the quake-hit area and to maintain stability, the postal branch of Yibin City has actively allocate funds to buy Party newspapers on a daily basis from the 2nd day after the earthquake, placing them at the postal outlets for people to read free of charge. Meanwhile, postal employees have been sent to distribute Party newspapers free of charge to temporary settlements, which has been commended by the senior leaders and appreciated by the public. To make it convenient for people in the affected area to communicate with their relatives elsewhere, the postal branch of Yibin city launched a mailing-family-letter-for-free service at Changning and Gongxian, to meet the wishes of the people in the affected area to report their safety to their loved ones far from home.



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