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Seize new opportunities in ETC business development with team efforts
Seize new opportunities in ETC business development with team efforts
| China Post |2019-07-10

On July 8, China Post Group held the 2019 National Teleconference on Promoting ETC Business Development. Li Zuomin, Director of Highway Monitoring & Response Center of the Ministry of Transport, and Kang Ning, Vice President of China Post Group, attended the meeting and delivered speeches. Zhang Xuewen, Vice President of the Postal Savings Bank of China (PSBC), presided over the meeting.

Li Zuomin introduced the background and significance of removing expressway tollgates at provincial borders. and put forward the following guidance on developing ETC business in postal enterprises: 

  • First, it is necessary to further enhance the understanding of the significance of accelerating ETC development.
  • Second, it is necessary to further grasp the main tasks, technical solutions, basic requirements and timetable of the removal of expressway tollgates at provincial borders.
  • Third, the promotion and application of ETC should be sped up through multiple channels.
  • Fourth, the service level and service quality need to be improved.
  • Fifth, it is necessary to seize the opportunities of the policy for ETC pre-installation in automobiles.
  • Sixth, it is necessary to accelerate the interconnection with the ministerial ETC issuance, certification and supervision platform.

In his speech, Kang Ning stressed that it was necessary to correctly understand the development of ETC. The application of ETC will be fully promoted within this year, and more than 100 million ETC users will be added nationwide. PSBC branches throughout the country must plan in a strategic, long-term, and comprehensive way, give full play to their own advantages, implement the work arrangements of the State Council and the Ministry of Transport, and make more contributions to the development of the transportation industry.

Kang Ning pointed out that it was necessary to actively grab the high-quality ETC business market. PSBC is the only financial institution selected as a member of the ETC network management committee. Last year, PSBC issued 4.181 million ETC cards annually, with 22.7% of newly-added ETC market share, ranking first in the industry, which fully proved that PSBC had an efficient and cohesive team, and this team will continue to win the development advantage in this year's fierce market competition.

To this end, Kang Ning put forward the following requirements:

  • First, postal and PSBC branches should attach much importance to quality to achieve scientific development, striving to win the leading position in the ETC market.
  • Second, postal branches and PSBC branches should work together to achieve mutual development, giving full play to the  linkage mechanism among various sectors, and formulating unified implementation plans for the coordinated development of ETC project .
  • Third, both should plan together to ensure timely and sufficient backup support, establishing a strong sense of cooperation and fostering synergy to provide comprehensive support for ETC business development.
  • Fourth, both should expand their qualifications to deepen cooperation. PSBC should make full use of its advantages as the only nationwide inter-provincial fund settlement bank, and actively strive for ETC fund settlement qualifications in different scenarios, pushing forward multi-directional and wide-ranging cooperation on the basis of ETC business.

At the meeting, Xu Xueming, Vice President of PSBC, announced the plans for the national ETC business development in 2019. PSBC Strategic Customer Department conducted business training for ETC business development.

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