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China Post to be not just bigger but better and stronger
China Post to be not just bigger but better and stronger
| China Post |2019-08-05

On the evening of August 4, the TV program Dialogue on CCTV Financial Channel  focused on Chinese enterprises entering the world's top 500 this year. In a live interview, Chairman Liu Aili of China Post Group talked about the development of China Post, dwelt upon the essence of China Post’s objectives of becoming bigger and stronger, interpreted its strengths, philosophy, model and goals of development. In this way, Chairman Liu Aili highlighted the business card of China Post as a Fortune Global 500 enterprise. In the interview, he also expressed the expectations of China Post to be entered in the list of the most intelligent enterprises in the world.

A total of 129 Chinese companies are on the list of 2019 Fortune Global 500 released on July 22. Among them, China Post Group ranks No.101. Liu Aili said in the Dialogue program that, China has made remarkable achievements in the 40 years of reform and opening up. We have done many things we wanted to do but didn’t, and have accomplished many things we dreamed of but failed. In response to the question of whether Chinese enterprises in the world’s top 500 list are "bigger but not stronger", Liu Aili said that China Post would be not just bigger, but better and stronger. In today’s fully competitive environment, if a company isn’t strong, it won’t be able to survive in the future. In that case, being big is just being puffy, and that “puffiness” may become a burden to a company. Take China Post as an example. China Post has more than 50,000 outlets and more than 600,000 convenience service stations, all of which might become a burden without transformation and development. Therefore, only when a company becomes stronger today can it become bigger tomorrow. When it came to how to enhance the core competitiveness of an enterprise through innovation, Liu Aili said, China Post must identify its gap from three perspectives. “First of all, we should judge our products and the quality of the products, our services and the quality of the services from the customers’ perspective. Secondly, we should look at our market share from the perspective of competition, that is to say, we should compare our market share with those of our rivals. Thirdly, we should look at our end-to-end, all-link and total factor productivity and profitability from the perspective of the industry best practices. We should identify our gaps through comparison, and then learn from others to address inadequacies.”

When interpreting the business card of China Post released on-site, Liu Aili stated, China Post has always been adhering to the principle of "People's Post Serves the People". And we will enable our far-reaching network to become the foundation and vehicle for people’s better life across the country.

In this in-depth dialogue, China Post demonstrated its self-confidence of continuous growth, and conveyed to the nation and the world the Chinese strength in the world's top 500. The postal enterprises nationwide are all inspired by it, and feel proud and encouraged. All the employees are becoming more determined and confident in the construction of a better, stronger and even bigger China Post, and building it into the “national team” of the industry.

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