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Unmanned delivery vehicle appears in Xiong'an New Area
Unmanned delivery vehicle appears in Xiong'an New Area
| China Post |2019-08-16

On August 7, an unmanned delivery vehicle independently developed by China Post appeared in Xiong'an New Area. Through radar mapping, intelligent perception, big data analytics and intelligent decision-making, the unmanned delivery vehicle can realize L4 automatic driving. This vehicle is mainly used for batch delivery in semi-closed and mail-concentrated areas, such as business office areas, campuses, industrial parks and residential areas. It can greatly reduce the delivery workload and improve the operational efficiency of the delivery points.

This unmanned delivery vehicle has 30 delivery compartments for light and small packets, and the partitions of the compartments can be flexibly installed and removed according to the size of the packets to form large and medium-sized compartments. Instead of relying on GPS, this vehicle can conduct intelligent decision-making and vehicle control through its own mapping system combined with intelligent perception and big data analytics, thereby it is in the leading position of the industry.

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