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Creating a new retail model with postal characteristics "September 19 E-commerce Festival" of 2019 starts
Creating a new retail model with postal characteristics "September 19 E-commerce Festival" of 2019 starts
| China Post |2019-08-30

On August 29, the news from the startup teleconference of " September 19 E-commerce Festival" in 2019 held by the Group revealed that "September 19 E-commerce Festival" this year should further strengthen postal characteristics and embody "new", "special", "happy" and "all", meaning new promotion methods, featured products, happy shopping experience through quality service and full participation of all staff for more network traffic respectively. This e-commerce festival will highlight the advantages of postal channels and create a new retail model with postal characteristics, so as to promote a sustainable, healthy and high-quality development of rural e-commerce. Kang Ning, Vice President of China Post Group, attended the meeting, and motivated employees.

Kang Ning fully affirmed the achievements of the previous two e-commerce festivals, pointing out that through the activities of these festivals, commodities on the platform have become richer, channels more active, and brand influence greater as well. Especially, in addition to the economic responsibility, China Post has attached same importance to its political responsibility and social responsibility, giving great impetus to poverty alleviation through e-commerce during the festivals, providing easier access for industrial products to reach the countryside and agricultural products to be delivered to urban households. China Post has played an important role in the national strategies of targeted poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, so that it has gained unanimous recognition from governments at all levels and all sectors of society, and enhanced its brand image of bridging the government, people and businesses. He emphasized that at present, the development of rural e-commerce is still in a period of strategic opportunity. Doing a good job in rural e-commerce is the strategic choice of China Post and also an important measure to acquire customers, serve customers, and make synergetic development. Postal branches at all levels should implement the key rural e-commerce work such as site management, wholesale via platform, postal agricultural products, business coordination without argument, reservation or hesitation.

It was pointed out that in order to break through the fierce competition, rules of the industry should be followed, niche be found, resource advantages be fully exerted, and differentiated road should be taken, making "September 19 E-commerce Festival" a brand with prominent theme, distinctive features, coordinated promotion, optimized customer experience and social influence. Postal September 19 Happy Harvest Purchase Carnival  " should be combined with that of famous and high-quality industrial products reaching the countryside and green agricultural products delivered to urban households. At the same time, equal importance should be attached to economic responsibility, political responsibility and social responsibility, highlighting the theme of "Green Life and Green Development", continuing to deepen poverty alleviation through e-commerce, and contributing to targeted poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, undertaking the responsibilities of a state-owned enterprise.

Focus should be on bringing agricultural products to cities to forge a brand of e-commerce platform with its wares of "original taste, original flavor and original area with competent quality, competent price and competent service", establishing a good reputation by cultivating the best-selling products; meanwhile, wholesale ability of the platform should be promoted through big data analysis. Well-known merchants and promotion commodities being gathered and merchants and shopkeepers being fully empowered, the brand influence of the platform will be enhanced. It is also necessary to increase offline marketing activities, reinforce platform capabilities, enhance shop activeness, and truly function as adhesives and catalysts in rural e-commerce, so as to acquire customers from the beginning and make synergetic development. Scientific and technological support to Ule platform should be strengthened, proactive customer service should be offered, thus improving operational quality of agricultural products and comprehensively enhancing the experience of the shopkeepers by improving product quality control, product packaging, and guaranteed delivery.

It was emphasized that postal branches at all levels should attach great importance to this festival, increasing offline marketing activities to achieve 100% coverage and offering more add-ons so as to enhance shop activeness, strengthening product quality control, packaging and agricultural products delivery to  cities, cultivating the best-selling products, optimizing wholesale via the platform. Postal branches at all levels should give full play to their advantages, carry out promotions, and strengthen support so that the festival will be held smoothly.

"September 19 E-commerce Festival" this year is divided into two stages: run-up period and the actual launch period. During the festival, six promotional events will be unfolded through Ule Mall and online wholesale respectively. On September 19, the festival will be launched officially. From September 23 to 30, encore sale of the most popular products will be held to celebrate farmers' harvest. Throughout the festival, special activities will also be organized such as Tik Tok short-video contest, excellent "Ule Shop" cultivation, agricultural product packaging design contest, community group buying and so on.

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