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2019 Science and Technology Innovation Conference in postal industry held in Shenzhen
2019 Science and Technology Innovation Conference in postal industry held in Shenzhen——China Post Group makes thematic report on Intelligence Plus
| China Post |2019-09-09

On September 5-6, 2019 Science and Technology Innovation Conference in Postal Industry was held in Shenzhen,Guangdong Province. The science and technology development of postal industry in recent years was summarized on the conference, at the same time, new circumstances and opportunities analyzed and the related work in the next phase deployed. The innovation ability and level of postal science and technology should be improved comprehensively with joint and devoted efforts so as to input new growth driver to the high-quality development of postal industry. Ma Junsheng, Director General of the State Post Bureau attended the event and made a speech, and Dai Yingjun, Deputy Director of the State Post Bureau chaired the conference. Zhang Ronglin, Vice President of China Post Group, also addressed the meeting to exchange experience on behalf of the Group.

Ma Junsheng required that the whole postal industry should focus on Intelligence Plus, making great efforts to carry out science and technology innovations and accelerate high-quality development of the postal industry. Furthermore, a clear-cut map should be made and key points grasped to boost innovation. By 2022, the leading and supporting role played by science and technology innovations to transformation and up-grading and high-quality development of postal industry will have been enhanced substantially, science and technology R&D and application in some fields will be on the top rank in China and even in the world, realizing remarkable improvement of science and technology innovations in ability, application performance and team building. Postal industry should grasp the important opportunities of accelerated development of artificial intelligence, 5G communication and IoT technology, focusing on upgrading from Internet Plus to Intelligence Plus, pushing forward the work of quality-oriented services, network intelligence, operation efficiency, industry coordination, green operation and governance modernization. The postal industry should make a breakthrough in these key fields and pursue actual effectiveness.

Zhang Ronglin in his speech shared the work and achievements China Post Group had made in adapting to the trend of intellectualization, contributing to fulfill the pursuit of a better life for people and strengthening science and technology empowerment. He noted that facing the great development opportunity of Intelligence Plus, China Post would promote structural and mechanism reform steadily, accelerate the pace of innovation and openness, and take full advantages of its rich scenarios, mass data and strong demands. China Post should also improve research on application scenarios and technology integration and application, and enhance the combination of artificial intelligence and people’s well-being improvement with continuous increase of investment in research and development for the purpose of offering better customer experience. China Post should make use of its own advantages to provide more qualified and effective intelligent equipment and automatic equipment and solutions to boost the shipping industry to upgrade towards a technology-intensive one. In addition, China Post should promote crossover and integration, co-creation and sharing, and construct intelligence ecosystem of postal industry, thus shouldering the responsibilities of “national team” in postal industry.

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