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The 3rd "September 19 Postal E-commerce Festival" unveiled in Beijing
The 3rd "September 19 Postal E-commerce Festival" unveiled in Beijing
| China Post |2019-09-19


On September 19, the 3rd September 19 Postal E-commerce Festival held by China Post was unveiled in Beijing. China Post will continue to develop rural e-commerce with great efforts in a bid to assist famers to earn more revenue.

“September 19 Postal E-commerce Festival” is an e-commerce brand forged by China Post, and also an e-commerce platform with postal characteristics and social influence through which China Post faithfully implements the CPC Central Committee’s decision and deployment, taking advantage of comprehensive service platform featuring“3 flows in one”, namely the flow of information, fund and substances, enriching the commodities on the platform and enhancing channel activeness. What’s more, the festival is an important action taken by China Post to push forward the high-quality development of rural e-commerce, serve the strategy of rural revitalization and targeted poverty alleviation. China Post will make use of the festival to actively establish two-way circulation channels for famous and high-quality industrial products to be delivered to the countryside and green agricultural products to urban households and comprehensively promote the consumption upgrading in rural markets and targeted poverty-alleviation, showing the responsibilities of China Post as a state-owned enterprise. Zhao Min, Deputy Director of the State Post Bureau, Zhang Tianzuo, Director of the Rural Cooperative Economic Guidance Department of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and leaders from Ministry of Commerce and Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development of the State Council, Liu Aili, Chairman and Secretary of the Leading Party Members’ Group of China Post Group, Zhang Jinliang, President of China Post Group, and Kang Ning, Vice President of China Post Group, attended the launch ceremony, at which Liu Aili and Zhang Tianzuo delivered an address respectively.

Liu Aili said that on September 17, President Xi Jingping highlighted that rural e-commerce and express delivery service should be actively developed and marketing channels of agricultural products be extended for the purpose of increasing farmers’ earnings when he inspected the poverty alleviation work in Dongyue Village at Wenshu Town of Guangshan County, Henan Province and poverty relief work of General Office of the CPC Central Committee in Guangshan County. The Leading Party Members’ Group of China Post Group attached great importance to the important instruction from President Xi Jinping, and organized theme discussion, immediately carrying out related research and deploying the work of rural e-commerce development to aid poverty alleviation.

Liu Aili said that based on the festival, China Post would carefully conduct big data analysis concerning trade flow and direction, strengthen the guarantee measures of mailing and shipping and enhance operation quality so that richer and more convenient services could be offered to the wide range of business partners, franchised stores and ule shopkeepers, fully improving customer experience and the brand influence of postal rural e-commerce. At the same time, China Post should further intensify the capacities empowered by science and technology, innovate development model, and continuously optimize the functions of ule website, further enhance the logistics distribution system at village, township and county levels and effectively solve the problems of last-mile of industrial products delivered the countryside and the first-100 meters of green agricultural products to urban households so that it won’t be hard for famers to sell their agricultural products and franchised stores to run business; and it’s possible for business partners to deliver their high-quality products directly to thousands of households and farmers to enjoy the same convenient e-commerce service as urban residents. 

Zhang Tianzuo said 4 days later, it would be the Chinese farmers’ harvest festival. September 19 Postal E-commerce Festival held again by China Post is of great significance, as it is the actual action taken by China Post to further boom rural market and assist to unveil the opening of harvest festival. Zhang Tianzuo also introduced that in order to make full use of the resource advantages of China Post, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and China Post Group signed a cooperation framework agreement to jointly make action plans on improving the quality of farmers' cooperatives so as to offer convenient services to them. In the past half a year, both parties have worked together gradually in many areas. Achievements have been made in decreasing the marketing cost of agricultural products and increasing the circulation efficiency due to making use of the e-commerce platform of postal system and modern logistics system.

For many years, China Post have established online platforms such as ule website and ule shops etc., and offline physical channels such as postal outlets and ule e-commerce stations etc. in order to do its part in targeted poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, opening up a two-way channel for industrial products reaching the countryside and green agricultural products delivered to urban households and effectively solving the problems of buying and selling in rural areas. Up to now China Post have established local malls on ule website covering 832 national-level poverty-stricken counties to help them sell local featured rural products, and over 600, 000 offline ule e-commerce stations. So far, about 3000 poverty alleviation projects through e-commerce have been carried out and around 40 million poverty alleviation products have been sold, with the sales of rural products reaching 20 billion yuan (about 2.83 billion US dollars), farmers’ income increasing over 1billion yuan (about 141.4 million US dollars) and more than 5 00, 000 poverty-stricken people benefiting from them.

At the launch ceremony, China Post also exchanged cooperation agreements with five partners respectively, including Midea Group, COFCO Wines & Spirits, Shandong Luhua Group, Hubei Daohuaxiang Liquor Co, Ltd., Hebei Chenyang Industry and Trade Group Co, Ltd., achieving further cooperation.

It is said that on November 3, China Post will issue a set of 6 special stamps themed Targeted Poverty Alleviation.

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