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China Post Group pushes forward nationwide launch of the second and third phase of CRM system
China Post Group pushes forward nationwide launch of the second and third phase of CRM system
| China Post |2019-09-16

On September 9, China Post Group held a teleconference to arrange for the nationwide launch of the second and third phase of the CRM system, aiming to comprehensively promote the further application of the CRM system. Kang Ning, Vice President of China Post Group, made a speech. Vice President Zhang Ronglin presided over the conference and put forward some requirements.

China Post CRM system is a strategic project of the Group and a top-level design for the coordinated development of all business sectors. The system can promote the resource integration of these business sectors and the complementarity of their respective strengths, and boost their production and operation effectively. Meanwhile, building a CRM-based membership system will greatly enhance the brand of China Post. Since the construction started in June 2017, the functions of the first phase of the CRM system have been completed and put into use. The second and third-phases have been piloted both in Shaanxi and Jiangsu provincial postal branches.

Kang Ning pointed out in his speech that it is necessary to:

  • be well-prepared for the launch of the functions of the second and third phases of the CRM system, and strengthen the organization and leadership to ensure the smooth progress of the project;
  • create marketing scenarios, and push forward the application of the CRM system in the following five aspects: the sharing of customer resources among business sectors; the construction of China Post membership system; the application of the CRM system in marketing; the adoption of the operational Kanban in the CRM system; the application of the China Post CRM app “Youkexing” at all outlets;
  • focus on customer data cleaning to consolidate the foundation of the CRM system;
  • give full play to the functions of the system to improve the basic management of the strategic customers and clustered customers;
  • continuously improve the operational support and effect control of the CRM system, and strengthen operation and maintenance support to ensure the smooth operation of the system;
  • improve the system functions to better serve the production and operation;
  • establish an evaluation mechanism to enhance the evaluation of application effects.

For the launch of the new functions of the CRM system, Zhang Ronglin called for prompt action, detailed solution, and careful plan to ensure the smooth launch in postal branches of all provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities). He demanded that the provincial-level postal branches should strengthen their organization and leadership in the promotion and application work in their own provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities). Different sectors should coordinate to integrate business and technology, and make concerted efforts to maximize the CRM system for even greater synergy value. He requested that the CRM system should be used to facilitate original customer acquisition, and to create synergy to support the primary-level integrated marketing. Special teams should be formed to strengthen support, improve efficiency and guarantee the technical support of the CRM system. Meanwhile, basic data of customers, organizations and employees should be checked, technical support must be given to the system after the new functions are launched, and most importantly, customer information security must be guaranteed.

It is reported that the second and third phases of the CRM system being launched have seven function modules: membership management, marketing management, sales management, service management, product management, channel management and knowledge base management. At the conference, related executives from Shaanxi and Jiangsu provincial postal branches shared their experience in their pilot work. The Department of Market of China Post Group made arrangements for the launch of the system, and the system development company conducted a special training.

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