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2019-2020 China’s Economic Life Survey kicks off in Beijing ---Ten postmen awarded as Best Surveyors
2019-2020 China’s Economic Life Survey kicks off in Beijing ---Ten postmen awarded as Best Surveyors
| China Post |2019-11-23

2019-2020 China’s Economic Life Survey (also known as Everyone’s Voice, Everyone’s Choice) kicked off in Beijing. Kang Ning, Vice President of China Post Group, was interviewed at the kick-off ceremony; and together with Liang Jianzeng, the survey program organizer from China Media Group, awarded prizes to the postmen who won the title of 2006-2019 Top Ten Surveyors.



In the on-site interview, Kang Ning said that China Post was honored to have been participating in China’s Economic Life Survey for 14 years in row. Over the past 14 years, China Post has undergone tremendous changes. Every year, China Post collects from ordinary Chinese people, even those living in the remote areas, the data that reflect their feelings and opinions about their life and economy through 100,000 survey postcards, thus recording the development of China’s economy and society. These data, just like thermometers, can perceive the subtle changes of the society and reflect people’s livelihood and public opinions. China Post, as the national team of postal industry, stays true to its original aspiration of serving the people, and echoes the voice of the ordinary Chinese people, which is the social and political responsibilities that China Post as an enterprise directly under the central government should undertake, and also the value of the programme.



China’s Economic Life Survey has been conducted by means of household survey with postcards for 14 consecutive years. China Post takes the advantage of its network covering both urban and rural areas nationwide, and makes the survey more far-reaching and the samples more comprehensive and scientific. Every year, over 6000 postmen conduct the survey in 100,000 households from 297 counties and 154 cities in 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities). The sound relationship between the postmen and respondents guarantees the quality of questionnaire and enables an average response rate of over 90%. The value of the survey is that the unique big data about people’s livelihood are used to find out the endogenous driving force of China’s economy, discover the correlation between reform and personal life, and draw the positive energy of social development with people’s demand for a better life.



At the ceremony, the Award of Excellent Organizer was conferred to the postal branches of Beijing, Heilongjiang, Jiangsu, Yunnan and Shaanxi. Special tribute was paid to the outstanding postmen, from whom “2006-2019 Top Ten Surveyors” were selected, they are Zhang Taixi from Beijing Postal Branch, Yang Haihong from Liaoning Postal Branch, Zhao Xiaogang from Heilongjiang Postal Branch, Yuan Xiaobing from Jiangsu Postal Branch, Wu Ailan from Jiangxi Postal Branch, Ye Wenqing from Fujian Postal Branch, Yu Bin from Shandong Postal Branch, Zhu Enhua from Hubei Postal Branch, Chen Hong from Chongqing Postal Branch and Wang Guobing from Xinjiang Postal Branch. Some of them have been a surveyor for 13 years. Zhang Taixi from Beijing Postal Branch and Yu Bin from Shandong Postal Branch were interviewed on the spot.

Yu Bin is a postman from Jinan, Shandong. He has been engaging in mail delivery for 19 years, and become a surveyor of China’s Economic Life Survey for 13 years. “As a postman and a member of national team of postal industry, I feel honored that I can make my own contribution to the economic survey while proving universal services.” He said.

This year, the survey postcards are also on board the flights. From now on, when you take the flights of Air China, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, you will have the chance to participate in the survey on board. The voice from the air is an expansion of the survey channels and data collection and will therefore enrich the survey data.



It is said that China’s Economic Life Survey this year focuses on cities with better living conditions, and will release a ranking list of China’s Top 10 Better Life Cities measured from livelihood security, business environment, public service capacity, living and working conditions as well as other dimensions.

China’s Economic Life Survey was initiated by the financial program center of China Media Group, co-sponsored by National Bureau of Statistics, China Post Group, and National School of Development at Peking University in 2006. This year marks the 14th year. It is by far the largest survey of people’s livelihood perception in the world.



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