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China Post, a global leader in cross-border e-commerce
China Post, a global leader in cross-border e-commerce—— Interview with the UPU Deputy Director General Pascal Clivaz
| China Post |2019-11-29

On November 27, a reporter from China Post News interviewed Mr. Pascal Clivaz, Deputy Director General of the International Bureau of the UPU, about the role of China Post in the field of global cross-border e-commerce, the development vision of global cross-border e-commerce and the most urgent problems to be solved for cross-border e-commerce.

Reporter: In your opinion, what role does China Post play in the international cross-border e-commerce area?

Pascal Clivaz: It’s fundamental. We were discussing at this conference about tsunami of items coming from all over the world in recent years, even though the market is open now, who else but China Post can handle this?

I think China Post plays a leading role in the global cross-border e-commerce field. We visited a cross-border e-commerce mail processing site of China Post and were deeply impressed by its efficiency. Meanwhile, China Post also provided many amazing solutions at this conference, especially in the field of transportation. The mail delivery services of China Post has taken on a new look after its coordinated and integrated development, which has brought transportation efficiency into a new dimension. China Post is very excellent in this aspect.

Reporter: what is the vision of UPU for the development of global cross-border e-commerce?

Pascal Clivaz: The UPU is an international and intergovernmental organization. It has been 145 years since UPU was founded. Each of our partners can have its own "idea", but our goal is the same. The role of UPU is to bring all participants together, closely unite all partners, discuss problems on the basis of seeking common ground while reserving differences, propose corresponding solutions and finally decide on how to implement them. The UPU will fully consider the interests of all partners. It’ll put forward the best way to solve problems through smooth and effective cooperation and facilitate all parties to reach consensus so as to achieve win-win cooperation and common development.

Reporter: As for cross-border e-commerce business, what do you think is the most urgent problem to be solved at present?

Pascal Clivaz: There are many links in parcel shipment, such as transportation, customs clearance and the most appropriate service, all of which are worth thinking about and proposing efficient solutions. The ultimate problem is how to improve customer satisfaction with mail experience. This is the ultimate problem we need to face. At present, customers have to wait 8-10 days in average for their cross-border e-commerce packages. Market segmentation together with overseas warehouse construction will be a good way to shorten time limit and further improve customer satisfaction.

Reporter: How do you feel about this conference? Could you give us some comments?

Pascal Clivaz: It’s a very good conference as usual when China organizes conferences. It’s impressive. In 1999, I attended the 22nd Beijing Congress. I’ll never forget China's ample preparation and warm service for the Congress. China is an important organizer and agenda setter in the UPU. We hope to maintain a close partnership with China.

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