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Commemorative notes for the Year of Rat unveiled
Commemorative notes for the Year of Rat unveiled
| China Post |2019-11-22

On November 15, commemorative notes for the Year of Rat “The Rat Creates Heaven” jointly designed by China Banknote Printing and Minting Corporation (CBPMC) and China National Philatelic Corporation (CNPC) were unveiled. This is their 2nd cooperation in creating zodiac commemorative notes after the success of "Combination of Five Blessings" for the Year of Pig last year and marks the beginning of a new round of zodiac commemorative notes.

Coupled with zodiac stamps, 3 kinds of “The Rat Creates Heaven” zodiac commemorative notes, namely, “The Rat Creates Heaven: Here Comes Good Luck” (the New Year red packet), “The Rat Creates Heaven: Happy Family” (the folder with notes in pair) and “The Rat Creates Heaven: Shining on China” (the folder with block of four notes) will be launched synchronously with the zodiac stamps on January 5, 2020. It is worth noting that the stamps, commemorative notes and collection certificate will bear the same number to achieve the maximum anti-counterfeiting purpose.

Li Zhinong, a senior arts and crafts artist with CBPMC engaged in the design and development of Chinese banknotes and coins for more than 30 years, is the artistic adviser for “The Rat Creates Heaven” zodiac commemorative notes. Sun Yi, a master of arts and crafts engaged in anti-counterfeiting cord design for 27 years, is the chief designer. Niu Kai, a young original plate engraver, and Yuan Dan also a young engraver are jointly responsible for the plate design process and manual steel engraving. Hao Ou, a famous stamp designer and engraver, is the artistic adviser of the stamp elements in the commemorative notes and designer of colorless fluorescent stamp patterns.

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