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China Post in action to fight against the epidemic
China Post in action to fight against the epidemic
| China Post |2020-04-21



After the outbreak of COVID-19, China Post Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Post) gave top priority to the fight against the virus and undertook its responsibilities as a large State-owned enterprise. China Post has gone all out to fulfill its original mission and aspiration to serve the people, contributing greatly to fighting against the war of prevention and control against the virus.

At the critical moment of epidemic prevention and control, China Post promptly implemented the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on epidemic prevention and control work, and comprehensively mobilized, deployed and strengthened the work in an all-round way. Putting people's life safety and health in the first place, China Post solemnly promised to the public that postal services would not be interrupted, confidential communication and investment services would continue, and all types of mail would be received and delivered; furthermore, rescue materials and personal donations would be sent free of charge.



Besides, China Post has also made significant contributions to the fight against the epidemic in terms of material transfer and financial support. On January 25, China Post opened a green channel for the transportation of medical supplies, providing free transportation and distribution services for all donated materials sent to the Red Cross organizations designated by the municipal government of Wuhan. Facing the epidemic, China Post makes full use of the advantages of its comprehensive logistics network, which covers a wide range of areas with its numerous outlets, to ensure the timely delivery of all kinds of materials. On January 26, promptly implementing the latest instruction of the CPC Central Committee, China Post studied the situation once again and made further plans for the epidemic prevention and control within the whole postal system so as to help to win the battle against the epidemic. China Post and the Post Savings Bank of China (PSBC) decided to donate 50 million yuan (over $7.14 million) to Wuhan to support its campaign against the NCP epidemic. Of the donation, China Post Group contributed 20 million yuan (about $2.85 million) and PSBC contributed 30 million yuan (about $4.29 million). On the same day, PSBC opened green channels in postal financial outlets nationwide, and handled for free the donations to the Red Cross Society of China and the China Charity Federation through postal remittance service. On January 27, a special freighter of China Postal Airlines carrying epidemic prevention materials took off from Guangzhou and landed safely at Wuhan Tianhe International Airport. The cargo included medicines, surgical masks, infrared thermometers, vaccine research and development materials and other materials for epidemic prevention and medical rescue. The total weight was more than 9,300 kg. This is the first postal charter flight that has arrived in Wuhan after the start of the green channel for emergency supplies by China Post Group Co., Ltd. On January 29, another special freighter for anti-epidemic materials of China Post took off from Beijing, carrying the anti-epidemic materials such as drugs, masks and protective clothing to Wuhan, marking the second air green channels for anti-epidemic opened by China Post.

In addition to domestic anti-epidemic materials transportation, China Post also takes up its responsibility as the national team of the industry and transfers materials donated internationally after being designated by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) to transit overseas donations to Wuhan after their arrival in China.

On February 3, the 6th special freighter of China Postal Airlines for the battle of epidemic prevention and control took off at Beijing Capital International Airport, and arrived at Wuhan Tianhe Airport with protective suits, masks, medical gloves, etc., weighing a total of 9,144 kg, among which about 3,300 kg were overseas donations, including 158 000 surgical masks and 325 000 pairs of surgical gloves. On February 27, China Postal Airlines flight CF9121 carried 16 German-made ECMOs and their supporting consumables with a total weight of 1.618 tons to Wuhan Tianhe Airport. On March 1, China Postal Airlines flight CF9121 (Shanghai-Wuhan) delivered 15.4 tons of medical materials for epidemic prevention and control donated by UNICEF to Hubei. These materials included protective suits, surgical masks, gloves, protective goggles and thermometers.



It is understood that from January 24 to March 28 at 24:00, China Post has accumulatively shipped 1.138 million cases (pieces) of epidemic prevention and control materials, sent 4026 times of inter-provincial vehicles to Hubei (including 3205 times to Wuhan), transported 681 times of free epidemic prevention and control materials by special vehicles, and organized 109 times of direct special freighters to Hubei with delivering 425,024 boxes (pieces) of materials, which has made outstanding contributions to the overall prevention of the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic.

Also, China Post contributes its best practices and experience to its international counterparts with the release of English edition of the Handbook for COVID-19 Prevention and Control by the UPU on its official social media, which provides basic knowledge about the disease and offers advice on prevention and control.

Furthermore, the "China Post" CR Express 1st block train carrying 44 TEUs of relief supplies and parcels departing from Chongqing arrived in Lithuania on April 13, which highlights the resolution of China Post to join hands together with the Posts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic at this critical moment.



China Post's performance in the fight against the COVID-19 has been highly praised at home and abroad. Academician Li Lanjuan thumbs up for postal express while receiving the Li's artificial liver system delivered overnight by China Post from Hangzhou to Wuhan, saying “Postal express is fast and of high service quality.”.

Minister of Transport, Vice Minister Liu Xiaoming, recognizes China Post’s efforts in fighting against the epidemic, pointing out China Post has thoroughly studied the instruction of General Secretary Xi Jinping, and implemented conscientiously the decisions and plans of the CPC Central Committee, expressing his heart-felt gratitude and sincere solicitude to the postal staff still fighting on the front line of the battle against the epidemic.

Hubei Provincial COVID-19 Control Headquarters sends a thank-you letter to China Post, highly affirming the important contribution made by China Post to comprehensively win the epidemic prevention and control.

Wuhan Leishenshan Hospital expresses thanks to China Post, saying that since the outbreak of epidemic, China Post has actively responded to the Party Central Committee’s call to strictly implement the work requirements of the epidemic prevention and control headquarters and adheres to the service motto of "of the people, for the people", which shows the responsibility of the national team.

When war befalls our country, China Post will answer the call to service, and fight to win. From the flood fighting in 1998 to the SARS fighting in 2003, from the earthquake resistance in 2008 to the current epidemic fighting, China Post has never been absent at the critical moments, and always has a keen sense of responsibility to accomplish its mission of serving the people.

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