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China Post strives to ensure smooth flow of goods during Double 11
China Post strives to ensure smooth flow of goods during Double 11
| China Post News |2020-11-03

On November 1, the first wave of presale was launched on Alibaba’s e-commerce platform Tmall, which unveiled the Double Eleven (or Singles’ Day) online shopping festival ahead of schedule. Place online orders in advance and receive early express delivery. The delivery speed of China Post surprised those "balance payers" who wanted to enjoy the happiness of receiving express items ahead of time. Words of praise flooded into the comments: "The first express item received after paying the balance in early morning is from China Post’s EMS", and "Complete the payment early morning, delivery arrives in the morning. EMS is swift".

This year, the Double 11 online shopping carnival on Tmall platform witnesses a brand-new upgrade. The whole shopping carnival is divided into two periods. The first period adopts the presale mode with deposit and balance payment method. The second period is the flash sale on November 11. During this year's Double 11 spree, the mail volume of China Post will reach another record high. Its total volume of express parcels is expected to exceed 710 million pieces, and the daily peak is to exceed 71 million pieces, an increase of 28% year-on-year. 

With "promoting development, ensuring smooth flow and focusing on customer experience" as its overall goals, China Post is to vigorously fuel the logistics of this year's Double 11 spree through its capacity improvement in four aspects and putting in place its scheduling management and control. 

The support capacity has been improved. This year, China Post has more than 160 sets of parcel sorting equipment added to the postal network, with the daily peak processing capacity of the whole network reaching 128 million items. To ensure the smooth flow of goods during this year’s Double 11 spree, China Post has increased its own transport capacity reserve, and leveraged the transport capacity of all stakeholders. It has booked high-speed rail resources in advance, added temporary chartered flights of China Postal Airlines and strengthened strategic cooperation with civil aviation sector.

The operation capacity has been improved. China Post has organized and opened 4,685 inter-provincial postal routes for the peak season, including 914 outgoing routes directly dispatched from cities, accounting for 28% of the postal routes; and 2,202 intra-provincial outgoing routes, accounting for 67%. At the same time, mail trucks collect items from different points along the same route to improve loading rate and speed up outgoing operation. China Post has also given full play to the advantages of packets consolidation, improved the proportion of pre-consolidating mail items, dynamically adjusted the compartments for consolidated parcels, standardized the process of packets consolidation and improved the processing efficiency of the entire postal network.

The delivery capacity has been improved. This year, China Post has employed over 38,000 more temporary delivery personnel, deployed 58,000 new pickup stations, and improved its delivery capacity through assistance of office workers, evening shift delivery and on-site support and so on. Meanwhile, it has increased more than 250,000 square meters of temporary processing premises and more than 25,000 motor vehicles, and electric bicycles and tricycles.

The information capacity has been improved. The new-generation mailing platform has been launched, which can handle 24 million orders, 10 million pieces of collection and delivery information, and 20 million pieces of transit information per hour. The overall performance of the platform has been improved by more than 30%.

Coordination and control mechanism has been put in place. China Post has achieved joint coordination and information sharing through centralized control. It has dispatched relevant personnel to key provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) for special assistance and on-site coordination. To standardize information release channels, it has set up control groups at all levels with standardized names so as to facilitate unified information release and unified management. Early warning messages are released according to their levels. Tiered pre-warnings are conducted for business volume changes, processing pressure, delivery pressure, traffic anomalies, weather changes and emergencies. China Post has also strengthened the tiered release of coordination instructions, standardized the handling of production anomalies in the whole network, and carried out real-time intervention and tiered supervision with strict disciplines, so that the instructions can reach more areas, and be transmitted directly to organizations at issue for prompt handling and rectification of the anomalies. In addition, it has also standardized meeting mechanism in peak season and carried out Kanban announcements on key issues.

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