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Three China Post employees granted special government allowances from the State Council
Three China Post employees granted special government allowances from the State Council
| China Post News |2021-01-15

Recently, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security publicized the list of people who would enjoy special government allowances from the State Council in 2020, on which three are from China Post. Cao Yusheng, head of No.3 railway escort team of Beijing Mail Center Railway Transport Office, Meng Shuo, General Manager of Technology Application Research Center of Postal Science Research and Planning Institute, and Dai Yi, General Manager of Innovation and R&D Center of China Post Science and Technology Company Limited.

Cao Yusheng has remained at his post as a railway mail escort for 18 years, and developed excellent professional skills in difficult working environment. Carrying forward the spirit of craftsmanship, He has travelled a total distance of more than three million kilometers with postal trains and handled more than one million pieces of mails without any errors. He has been continuing working at the forefront during the epidemic prevention and control period of COVID-19, ensuring the transportation of materials and helping to resume work and production through thousands of miles of postal route. Meng Shuo has been engaged in postal communication engineering design and express logistics research for more than 20 years and accumulated rich experience in engineering design, R&D and developed excellent professional quality. Awarded with the title of “Science and Technology Young Elite” by the Ministry of Transport and serving as a member of the National Technical Committee for Comprehensive Transportation Standardization, he has led and participated in more than 100 postal hub design projects of China Post, and has excellently supported the high-quality development of postal service. As a striver born in 1980s who has written the chapter of youth on the frontline of postal scientific research, Dai Yi has been engaged in the R&D of logistics core equipment and overall scheme design, and busy on the frontline of postal scientific research and construction site. He has been awarded honors such as the first prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Advancement Award, the first prize of the Science and Technology Advancement Award of China Post Group Co., Ltd. and so on. With seven licensed invention patents and one utility model patent, he is committed to transforming scientific and technological achievements into practical productivity and serving the society.

In recent years, the state has attached great importance to the construction of professional talents and skilled personnel, and major breakthroughs have been made in the reform of talent work systems and mechanisms. The selection and recommendation of experts enjoying special government allowances is an important part of postal talent work, and an important embodiment of the implementation of the talent work policy “playing the leading role of high-end talents”. At present, 85 people in the whole postal system have received special government allowances from the State Council. All of them are experts with high level of professional skills in various fields of postal enterprises, and have made outstanding contributions to promoting the transformation and development of the enterprises.

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