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China Post issues stamps commemorating Chinese People’s Police Day
China Post issues stamps commemorating Chinese People’s Police Day
| China Post News |2021-01-12

In order to commemorate the first Chinese People’s Police Day, China Post issued a set of two commemorative stamps entitled Chinese People’s Police Day on January 10. The planned circulation is 8 million sets.

Approved by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, as from 2021, the Chinese People’s Police Day is celebrated on January 10 each year. It is a day specially designated for the people’s police force at the national level, and also in full recognition of their heroic struggle for the interests of the Party and the people.

The Chinese People’s Police Day commemorative stamps use police flag, police badge and the date of the police day as the main design elements. With the theme of “being loyal to the mission” and “putting the people in the first place” respectively the stamps fully reflect that the police practice the spirit of the important precepts of General Secretary Xi Jinping at the police flag-conferring ceremony, keeping the original aspiration and mission firmly in mind and having a keen sense of responsibility, and that the police have strong determination and confidence of resolutely defending the national security, maintaining social stability and ensuring the people’s peace and tranquility. The two stamps vividly portray the police’s efforts to enhance the people’s sense of fulfillment, happiness and security, and artistically depict the positive image of police’s dedication to work and love for the people.




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