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China Post named one of the “2019-2020 Most Respected Companies in China”
China Post named one of the “2019-2020 Most Respected Companies in China”
| China Post News |2021-01-15

Recently, China Post Group Corporation Limited (China Post Group) was invited to attend the annual conference for the most respected companies of 2019-2020 and was awarded as one of the most respected companies. The annual conference was hosted by The Economic Observer, in which a total of 30 well-known large companies were awarded, including China National Petroleum Corporation, Ping An Insurance (Group) Company Of China, Ltd., Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., etc.

This year’s most respected companies are comprehensively evaluated, and a final list is produced, by a judging panel of over 300 persons from the government, higher educational institutions, enterprises, and organizations. The review is based on four qualitative indicators including innovation, social responsibility, stable growth and global vision, and four variable indicators including brand reputation, staff care, environment-friendliness and leadership. The most respected companies of the year have fully demonstrated the unprecedented responsibilities in the process of epidemic prevention and control and made significant contributions to the restoration of China’s economic and social order.

The annual conference for the most respected companies, starting from 2001, has become one of the high-level grand events with a total of 170 enterprises having won the honor. The theme of this annual conference— Solidarity for Innovation and Actions for Mission, implies the perseverance China has gathered from the difficult situations in the past year and the determination and courage China possesses to buck the trend, meanwhile, it is also a tribute to the respected companies daring to make innovations and undertake the mission of the times.

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