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Ministry of Commerce thanks China Post for its efforts in poverty alleviation
Ministry of Commerce thanks China Post for its efforts in poverty alleviation
| China Post News |2021-01-28

"China Post actively responded to the call of the government and the expectations of the masses, took practical measures to assist the poverty stricken areas, and made remarkable contributions to the decisive victory in shaking off poverty and promoting rural vitalization." These remarks are quoted from a recent letter of thanks sent by the Ministry of Commerce to China Post Group Corporation Limited. Also in this letter, the Ministry of Commerce expresses its gratitude to China Post Group for assisting the targeted poverty alleviation areas of the Ministry of Commerce (Guang'an District and Yilong County of Sichuan Province, Chengbu County of Hunan Province) in selling agricultural products for over 1.3 million yuan (about $201,380), and hopes to maintain close cooperation with China Post so as to make greater contributions to the effective transition from consolidating poverty alleviation outcomes to achieve rural vitalization.

In 2020, in order to implement the decisions and plans of the CPC Central Committee and further push forward poverty alleviation through e-commerce, China Post established 875 local malls on ULE platform, covering all of the 832 national-level poverty-stricken counties; cultivated 1,736 anti-poverty items with over 10,000 orders of sales, fulfilling 170% of the objectives set in the three-year plan for poverty alleviation through e-commerce; and trained 12,782 poverty alleviation experts, fulfilling 128% of the planned objectives.

Taking Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival as an opportunity, China Post held the fourth September 19 Postal E-commerce Festival and a production and sales fair as well, selling more than 400 farm produces from 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) through online and offline channels to promote the connection between production and sales, thus generating a total of 357 million yuan (about $55.29 million) online turnover and over 200 million yuan (about $30.98 million) in offline contracts. China Post elaborately organized the National Poverty Alleviation Day activities. It set up a special zone at ule.com for a charity program involving all postal staff, in which 255 poverty alleviation items displayed, and it promoted them through the mobile App of Postal Savings Bank of China, China Post’s official Weibo account and Vanguard of China Post App (an App for Party building in China Post Group) to encourage postal employees to purchase these products, thereby driving sales to 13.75 million yuan (about $2.13 million).

China Post actively carried out poverty alleviation through consumption. It encouraged enterprises involved in poverty relief to sell products on the postal e-commerce platform and encouraged trade unions of postal enterprises to purchase poverty alleviation farm produces for holiday benefits and canteens to purchase targeted products, thus establishing a long-term and stable sale channel for poverty alleviation farm produces, and achieving good results.

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