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China Post Group awarded Outstanding Enterprise for 2020 China CSR
China Post Group awarded Outstanding Enterprise for 2020 China CSR
| China Post News |2021-01-28

China Post Group was awarded Outstanding Enterprise for 2020 China Corporate Social Responsibility recently at 2020 China Corporate Social Responsibility Cloud Summit jointly hosted by Xinhua Net and China Enterprise Reform and Development Society.

After years of continuous development, China Post Group has been transformed and upgraded into a vast conglomerate which has diversified businesses combining industry and finance. Its competitiveness has been fostered, benefits significantly improved, and social influence steadily expanded. China Post Group ranked 90th in the list of 2020 Fortune Global 500 and 2nd among world postal enterprises.



Remarkable results achieved in targeted poverty alleviation

China Post Group has thoroughly implemented the central government’s decisions and deployment, vigorously carried out poverty alleviation work in targeted areas through finance as well as E-commerce. It has successfully completed the tasks of three-year planning of postal poverty alleviation and achieved remarkable results.

Six major poverty alleviation projects were carried out in targeted areas through such aspects as Party building, industry, E-commerce, finance, insurance and education. China Post Group adopted three innovative modes of poverty alleviation, namely industry plus technology, E-commerce plus Internet and education plus employment, which helped poverty relief work to transform from the mode of “blood transfusion” to “hematopoiesis”. As a result, China post Group helped 38 thousand people shake off poverty, benefited more than 400 thousand people and lifted Shangzhou District and Luonan County of Shangluo, Shaanxi Province out of poverty a year earlier than planned, exceeding its target assigned by the central government. 

In the aspect of e-commerce, China Post Group carried out 4476 poverty alleviation projects, set up 875 local shopping sitesheld four September19 E-commerce Festivals, and established an E-commerce-based poverty alleviation ecosystem, which generated an income of 1.93 billion yuan (about 299 million US dollars) for farmers and benefited 712,000 poor people.

In the aspect of finance, poverty alleviation loans were further scaled up. In 2018, the annual net increase of targeted poverty alleviation loans was 32.29 billion yuan (about 5.00 billion US dollars), with a growth rate of 52.5%. In 2019, the annual net increase of targeted poverty alleviation loans was 21.26 billion yuan (about 3.29 billion US dollars), with a growth rate of 34.7%. As of the end of November, 2020, the annual net increase of targeted poverty alleviation loans was 18.39 billion yuan (about 2.84 billion US dollars), with a growth rate of 22.3%. More than one trillion (about 154.7 billion US dollars) yuan was loaned to the state-level poverty-stricken counties. The average annual growth rate of targeted poverty alleviation loans in the past three years has exceeded 30%, with a balance of 98 billion yuan (about 15.16 billion US dollars). In 2020, China Post Group was awarded the “Enterprise with Special Contribution to China’s Moderately Prosperous Society in All Respects in 2020” by Xiaokang magazine of Qiushi Journal Press.

Contribution to epidemic containment and resumption of work and production

During the COVID-19 epidemic, China Post Group has assumed the responsibility of the “national team”. At the beginning of the outbreak, China Post Group immediately opened a green channel for the delivery of donated materials for epidemic prevention and control, sending donated medical materials to Wuhan free of charge, and undertaking the transportation tasks of emergency materials of national ministries and commissions and international imported epidemic prevention materials. In order to actively deal with the difficulties caused by international flights reduction and suspension of overseas mails to Chinese mainland, China Post Group launched independent international air routes, urgently procured air transport capacity, and started China-Europe block trains and international ocean shipping, forwarding 19 thousand tons of mail in total and guaranteeing the stability of the global industrial and supply chains. In addition, China Post Group transported medical materials at all costs and effectively solved the problem of extremely shortage of material supply.

China Post Group solemnly promised to the society that services in postal outlets, confidential communications, collection and delivery service and online services would not be stopped, and that relief and donation related services would be provided free of charge, so as to do a good job in guaranteeing the fight against the epidemic. China Post Group donated 50 million yuan (about 7.74 million US dollars) to Wuhan city, donated and paid 41.95 million yuan (about 6.49 million US dollars) of exclusive insurance to medical workers and news reporters who fought on the front line of the epidemic in Wuhan, and donated 43 million yuan (about 6.65 million US dollars) of its philatelic products income. It was also China Post Group that distributed daily necessities for people including 10 million kilograms of vegetables, meeting the urgent needs of both growers and citizens, 340,000 tons of farming materials and 49.72 million items of certificates, licenses, teaching materials and medicine. , Additionally, China Post Group helped small and micro enterprises to solve their funding difficulties by issuing a total amount of 123.15 billion yuan (about 19.05 billion US dollars) loans, effectively maintaining economic and social stability and the normal production and life of the people.

China Post Group has fulfilled its political and social responsibilities, undertook the responsibilities of pollution prevention and ecological and environmental protection, and strived to be the pioneer of green action, and actively promoted the green transformation and development of the delivery industry through science and technology empowerment, process reengineering and management innovation. As of 2020, the usage of electronic waybills across the network was close to 100%; the usage of “narrow tape” on express items was 100%, and that of recyclable transit bags exceeded 90%. Packing boxes were recycled and tape-free boxes were widely used, with 2.48 billion disposable plastic woven bags were saved every year. More than 43,000 new energy delivery vehicles and motorcycles were used in urban areas. Nearly 90% of the -commerce express items were free of repackaging. The green post initiative won the 2019 national outstanding achievement award of culture development in the transportation sector and its voluntary tree planting work was highlighted in The National Land Greening Condition Bulletin 2019.

Devotion to good causes

China Post Group worked with China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation to carry out the “Loving Parcel” project, which built a one-to-one public welfare platform for small amount, transparent, convenient, interactive donations, creating a new poverty alleviation mode in China. In the past ten years, China Post Group has cumulatively raised 700 million yuan (about 108.36 million US dollars), benefiting 6 million students from 28,000 schools in 853 counties across the country and becoming the first brand project of China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation that has raised more than 100 million yuan a year.

China Post Group joined hands with China Women’s Development Foundation to start “Mother’s Parcel” project. By mobilizing donations from all walks of life, parcels composed of main necessities of life were accurately delivered to poor mothers. Up to date, 130 million yuan (about 20.12 million US dollars) has been raised and more than 884,000 postal parcels have been sent to poor mothers in 31 provinces.

Postal Savings Bank of China (PSBC), in association with China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, set up the PSBC Love Charity Foundation. As of March 2020, more than 28 million yuan (about 4.33 million US dollars) was raised, and through the “PSBC Love Class of Self-Improvement” program, over 2,900 needy students of 33 high schools in 18 provinces were subsidized to achieve their dreams.

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