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The first Winter Olympic-licensed store of China Post opens
The first Winter Olympic-licensed store of China Post opens
| China Post News |2021-02-04

On February 4th, one-year countdown to the grand opening of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, the first Olympic-licensed store of China Post is open for business.

On December 7th of 2019, China Post became the exclusive supplier of postal services for 2022 Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (hereinafter referred to as the Games). During the preparation and holding of the Games, China Post will provide services including express mail service and parcel delivery, philatelic products like stamps, envelopes and postcards, as well as comprehensive field services to meet the all-round needs during the Games. In order to secure services during the Games, promote the Winter Olympic culture and heighten the Olympic atmosphere through multiple channels, China Post plans to open several Olympic-licensed stores.

The first 2022 Beijing Olympic-licensed store of China Post is located in the post office on Jinding Street, which is situated in a comprehensive community and enjoys a large group of philatelic customers. On the day of opening, the unveiling ceremony of the commemorative envelope of one-year countdown of 2022 Beijing Olympics and Chinese Lunar New Year greeting envelope was held in the store and many philatelists came to buy licensed products of the Winter Olympic Games.

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