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Researches by PSBC won achievement awards of banking industry
Researches by PSBC won achievement awards of banking industry
| China Post News |2021-02-24

Recently, the selection results of Outstanding Research Achievements on China's Banking Industry Development (2020) were announced. The Postal Savings Bank of China (PSBC) won 6 awards, including 1 first prize, 2 second prizes, and 3 honorable mention awards. Since the year of 2013, PSBC has been awarded the Organization Award for eight consecutive years. The Organization Awards are presented to a total of 10 organizations this year.

In order to enhance the service value of banking strategic researches, cultivate financial research talents, and create a good atmosphere for research to create value, the selection of Outstanding Research Achievements on China’s Banking Industry Development, which is under the guidance of the China Banking Association, has been held for many years, and has received wide-spread responses and active participation from various banking and financial institutions. The 2020 selection work was launched in August last year, and went through a series of procedures such as registration verification, preliminary screening, academic misconduct detection, 3 rounds of closed-off online reviews, and the final review conference. A total of 114 out of 1,125 research results submitted by 79 banking and financial institutions and local banking associations were awarded.

For the year 2020, the PSBC award-wining research results are listed as follows. The first prize goes to Research on Pension Financial Management Products of Commercial Banks. The second prize goes to A Comparative Analysis on Structure of Assets, Liabilities and Income between Banks in China and the United States, and Approaches of Bank Claims Protection in Corporate Bankruptcy Procedures. The honorable mention prize goes to International Experience and Enlightenment on Financial Supply-Side Structural Reform, Analysis of the Development Strategy of Bank A Based on Product Profit Contribution, and Study on Operational Mechanism Optimization of the Board of Directors of Large State-owned Commercial Banks --- Taking Bank A as an Example.

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