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China Post issues Green Development Report
China Post issues Green Development Report
| China Post News |2021-03-02

China Post Group Corporation Limited (hereinafter referred to as China Post) recently issued Green Development Report of China Post Group (2018-2020). As a State-owned enterprise in express industry, China Post, for the past three years, has earnestly implemented Xi Jinping Thought on Ecological Civilization, adhered to the philosophy of green development, regarded serving for ecological civilization as an important corporate responsibility, comprehensively promoted the construction of green post in its efforts to relentlessly explore the path toward high-quality transformation and development and resolutely win the battle against pollution. In the process of promoting green development, China Post clarified its development orientation as “the practitioner of green operation, promoter of green life, defender of green ecology and shaper of green brand”. Through the unremitting endeavor in the past three years, China Post has seen the phased and visual achievements in the overall level of green development, played a greater role in pioneering the industry and made a solid step in promoting ecological environmental protection.  

In 2018, China Post released China Post Green Action Declaration and unveiled the Three-Year Action Plan on the Construction of Green Post (2018-2020), comprehensively launching actions on constructing green post. In 2019, China Post further improved its green procurement mechanism, established information control mechanism, explored the recycling of packages, and fostered the development system. In 2020, China Post further promoted the three projects of green package, green transportation and green finance, intensively launched six demonstrative actions on green e-commerce, green architecture, and etc., and continuously optimized the green development model.

In the fight against pollution, China Post has persistently promoted three projects of green package, green transportation and green finance: launching the green package project which centers on promoting packaging reduction, intensifying green technological innovation and improving recycling, to accelerate moderate, green and recyclable packaging in an all-round way; conducting green transportation project which focuses on optimizing the energy utilization structure of transportation equipment, enhancing the intensification of the transportation system and improving green transportation management innovation system, to reduce resource consumption and effectively curb environmental pollution; carrying out green finance project which concentrates on enriching green financial products and services, innovating green financial service methods and boosting extensive cooperation in green finance, to improve service efficiency and attract capital to support green industries.

For the past three years, China Post, centering on the philosophy of green development, has actively strived to be the leading player of the express delivery industry in ecological environmental protection: taking the lead in launching actions on green post construction and releasing the Three-Year Action Plan on the Construction of Green Post; taking the lead in developing and trying out degradable and eco-friendly adhesive tape made from cellulose membrane; taking the lead in forming systematic calculating method of carbon emission reduction and finishing the calculating; establishing the broadest recycling system, setting up 21,800 recovery sites, and applying green packages in over 50,000 outlets; fastest growth seen in green credit release with 313.55 billion yuan (about 48.29 billion US dollars) , with a growth rate of 90.15% up from 2017.

For the past three years, China Post, in its actions, has carried out the philosophy of green development, made great efforts in winning the fight against pollution, strived to be the most reliable force for the Party and the country, and faithfully fulfilled its political, economic and social responsibilities as an enterprise directly under the central government. In the 14th Five-Year Plan, centering on the new goal of peak carbon dioxide emissions before 2030 proposed by President Xi Jinping, the new requirements on ecological environmental protection put forward in the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, the new upgraded task of winning the fight against pollution raised in the 14th Five-Year Plan, as well as the new standards presented by regulators of the industry, China Post will further explore the new path toward green post development, carry out new measures on ecological environmental protection, continue the research and development in carbon dioxide emission reduction and peak carbon dioxide emissions. Through management innovation, technology upgrading and process re-engineering, China Post will improve its ability in pursuing green, low-carbon and sustainable development, and speed up building the ecological chain on green post development, thereby making contributions to protecting the lucid waters and lush mountains and building a beautiful China.

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