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Fuzhou Postal Branch launches E-commerce business at cross-border E-commerce mail supervision site
Fuzhou Postal Branch launches E-commerce business at cross-border E-commerce mail supervision site
| China Post News |2021-03-25

On March 16, under the witness of Department of Commerce of Fujian Province, Fuzhou Customs District, Fuzhou Changle District Committee and Fujian Provincial Postal Administration, the cross-border E-commerce business launching ceremony at Fuzhou Office of Exchange cross-border E-commerce mail supervision site took place at Xiangfu E-commerce Logistics Park. Some personnel from Fujian Postal Branch were invited to jointly start the launching ceremony.

The launching ceremony indicates that cross-border E-commerce business has been superimposed onto the mail supervision site, with customs clearance of the first batch of mail completed on 9610 mail platform (a supervision platform of retail imports and exports in cross-border E-commerce). This is another innovative measure jointly taken by the Customs and the Post to promote the opening and development of ports, cultivate new growth points for local economic development, and support the development of Fuzhou’s cross-border E-commerce industry. This innovation will greatly speed up customs clearance for cross-border E-commerce companies. Fuzhou Postal Branch issued commemorative envelopes that day, and set up a temporary post office on site to provide commemorative postmark and mailing services.

Since Fuzhou was approved to set up an integrated pilot zone for cross-border E-commerce in 2019, Fuzhou Postal Branch has driven innovation with science and technology, playing the role of the “national team” to provide strong support for the rapid development of Fuzhou’s cross-border E-commerce business. It has helped form the new development paradigm featuring dual circulation, in which domestic and overseas markets reinforce each other, with the domestic market as the mainstay. Mainly using mail as the logistics carrier and relying on the Universal Postal Union system to realize green customs clearance, the postal cross-border logistics has the characteristics of being wide-reaching, convenient and affordable. Supervised by the Customs Office stationed on site, it can realize highly efficient and around-the-clock customs clearance. As a cross-border E-commerce mail customs clearance platform with the most comprehensive business functions, the best hardware facilities, the highest level of technology and the most efficient customs clearance in East China, Fuzhou Office of Exchange has further improved its business radiation scope and influence, improved the efficiency of customs clearance of the delivery channels, and greatly broadened the cross-border logistics channels in Fuzhou. At the same time, Fuzhou Postal Branch and Xiangfu E-commerce Logistics Park jointly build a warehousing ecological chain to provide services for the cross-border E-commerce industrial agglomeration in Fuzhou Customs District.

It is understood that starting from the first successful customs clearance on 9610 platform, Fuzhou Postal Branch will continue to improve its service capabilities to provide customers with more convenient, economical and efficient logistics experience and further facilitate the high-quality development of Fuzhou’s cross-border E-commerce industry.

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