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Chemi Dorjee selected as speaker for excellent cultural brands in transport industry
Chemi Dorjee selected as speaker for excellent cultural brands in transport industry
| China Post |2021-03-20

On March 18, China Transport News announced the first list of members and speakers in the publicity team of excellent cultural brands in transport.

The announcement says, in accordance with the requirement for establishing a publicity team of excellent cultural brands in transport industry, over 20 brands including Chemi Dorjee Snow Line Mail Route have been recruited, after recommendation and application, as the first batch of team members, among whom Chemi Dorjee, Fang Qiuzi, Nong Fengjuan, Chen Wei, Chang Hongxia and other members/teams have been appointed as speakers.

Chemi Dorjee is a postal truck driver of Sichuan Garze Postal Branch, transporting mail from Garze to Dege on Sichuan-Tibet mail route. He has been dedicating himself to his work for over 30 years, having completed more than 6,000 round trips between Dege and Garze, covering more than 1.4 million kilometers (equivalent to 35 times around the equator), without a single dereliction of duty. He is strong-willed, standing up bravely and risking his life to safeguard the mail when attacked by gangsters, and persisting in rehabilitating his serious injuries, thus managing to return back to work with tenacious perseverance. He cherishes unity and devotes himself to mail transportation on the Sichuan-Tibet route, conveying the voice of the CPC Central Committee and mail from all over China to every corner of the snowy region, making positive contributions to the economic and social development of the Tibetan region with his love and dedication, thereby being praised as the "Happiness Messenger on the Snow Line Mail Route". In January 2019, the Publicity Department of CPC Central Committee granted him the title "Role Model of the Times". In September 2019, Chemi Dorjee was awarded the title of the most outstanding contributor and the national role model for ethnic unity and progress. Chemi Dorjee is an outstanding representative of the postal employees who faithfully implement China Post’s philosophy of serving the people. He is also a role model of China Post in staying true to the original aspiration and mission, conscientiously fulfilling the political and social responsibilities as an enterprise directly under the central government, and committing to its universal service and special services.

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