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Liaoning Postal Branch launches newly-developed intelligent mail sorting machine
Liaoning Postal Branch launches newly-developed intelligent mail sorting machine
| China Post News |2021-04-09

Recently, the integrated intelligent automated mail sorting machine was put into application at Tong’erbu Collection and Delivery Office of Liaoyang Postal Branch, Liaoning Province. With the launch of this new equipment, the outbound mail from the collection and delivery office could be automatically scanned and sorted. The processing speed reaches 6000 items per hour, and the average daily processing capability is at 10,900 pieces. It currently only needs one person to handle that amount of items that originally required four with the hand-held PDAs, so that the production efficiency and service quality has been greatly improved. 

Liaoning Postal Branch has earnestly implemented the requirements of "Building a New Development Pattern Featuring Digital Post", and focused on further promoting the technology empowerment through "Digital Plus" strategy. With innovations such as integrating data resources, optimizing mainstream scanning equipment, and developing auxiliary software systems, Liaoning Postal Branch independently developed the intelligent automated mail sorting machine, which consists of industrial cameras, PCs, monitors, network equipment, and acoustic-optical devices, as well as the self-developed software system. The machine can be deployed accordingly at all levels of operation sites such as mail centers, collection and delivery offices. Through mass scanning and efficient identification of the mail bar codes, it replaces traditional manual work with intelligent automated processing when it comes to business operation procedures such as mail loading, unloading, quantity checking, and bulk mails scheduled picking-up, collecting, sorting and dispatching, all of which have helped to achieve the goal of reducing the error rate and improving work efficiency.

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