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First China Better Life City Forum held in Chengdu
First China Better Life City Forum held in Chengdu
| China Post |2021-05-06

From April 22th to 24th, a series of launching activities on “China Better Life City 2020-2021”, co-hosted by China Media Group, National Bureau of Statistics, China Post Group and National School of Development at Peking University, were held in Chengdu, Sichuan Province.



On the afternoon of April 23, the first China Better Life City Forum, as one of the launching activities of China Better Life City 2020-2021, officially kicked off with the theme of “New Outlook of Better City”. In the forum, Jiang Xiwei, Vice President of China Media Group, Wang Fengchao, Mayor of Chengdu, and Wang Jian, Vice President of China Post Group, delivered speeches.

Wang Jian said that since 2006, China Post has attended the “China’s Economic Life Survey” (also known as Everyone’s Voice, Everyone’s Choice) sponsored by China Central Television (CCTV) for 15 consecutive years. China Post’s participation in this largest survey of people’s livelihood not only precisely conveys people’s truest feelings of life and their economic proposals, but also carries out the original aspiration and mission of “People’s Post Serving the People”.



Leaders of the cities involved, centering on the “New Vision for Better City” and based on the relevant statistics of “China Better Life City 2020-2021”, shared their opinions on the definition of better city life, their work on creating a better life and improving people’s sense of happiness, and highlights of their specific measures and feelings behind them, explored unique development paths toward better life cities with the sense of gain and happiness of people at its core.

This year is the first year of the Fourteenth Five-year Plan period. “China’s Economic Life Survey” has covered completely three five-year plans. Relying on the network advantage of China Post, over 6500 postmen conduct the survey in 100,000 households from 300 counties and more than 150 cities via postcards, covering 1.5 million Chinese families. The collected data offer a personalized and valuable coordinate system on the sense of gain, happiness and security of Chinese people and form a scientific, systematic and unique database on people’s livelihood, which provide a precious third-party database for the performance evaluation of governments, the marketing decision of enterprises and the reference of a better life for citizens. All these data, just like thermometers, can reveal the subtle changes of the society, reflect the livelihood of people and offer important index for governments that strive to create better cities. 

It is said that the content of the China Better Life City Forum will be filmed as feature programs and broadcast in Dialogue, the key program of CCTV-2.

“An ordinary postcard conveys important livelihood information”. China Post will make the best of the network and cooperate with its partners including China Media Group to continue the work of “China’s Economic Life Survey” so as to make people, even the most vulnerable, heard.

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