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Hunan Postal Branch tests scheduled trucking to Russia
Hunan Postal Branch tests scheduled trucking to Russia
| China Post News |2021-05-14

At 16:00 sharp on May 10, a truck carrying 1.1 tons of mail passed through the Customs checkpoint in Changsha International Mail Exchange Office and departed for Russia. This is the first time that the International Business Company of Hunan Postal Branch has carried out test of scheduled mail trucks from Changsha, the capital of Central China’s Hunan Province, to Russia. After customs clearance at Changsha Exchange Office, the mail was transported to Alashankou port by Customs supervised vehicle, and then transshipped to Novosibirsk by the contract carrier at the port.

Scheduled trucking is a kind of transportation means by which trucks depart at a fixed time and from a fixed place, and arrive at the destination on time. It is estimated that regular trucking from Changsha to Russia will take 72 hours, covering 4,032 kilometers. Products with batteries, cosmetics and other items that do not comply with the requirements of air transportation can be shipped abroad through regular trucking, which, to some extent, will improve the transportation system of international parcel and express services, expand the business scope, and give a boost to the transformation and upgrading of the international mail service of Hunan Postal Branch, thus facilitating its high-quality development.

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