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PSBC and China Post Securities to deepen bank-securities coordination
PSBC and China Post Securities to deepen bank-securities coordination
| China Post News |2021-05-12

As the coordinated development strategy of China Post Group has been thoroughly implemented and the coordinated development between the bank and securities has made a good start, Postal Savings Bank of China (PSBC) and China Post Securities Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Post Securities) held a meeting to exchange their coordination work on May 7. The two parties conducted in-depth exchanges and reached a consensus on speeding up the implementation of coordination policies and projects, further upgrading the scale and efficiency of coordinated development, and deepening and boosting the high-quality development of coordination between the bank and securities.

Focusing on the theme "deepening bank-securities cooperation and working together for a win-win future”, China Post Securities introduced the achievements of bank-securities coordination, the complementary effect of respective licenses, the demands for coordinated development, and the liaison mechanisms. Based on business lines, PSBC offered information about customer sources, business resources, policy space, coordination mode and other matters in the fields of investment banking, wealth management and interbank financial businesses, and defined relevant policies and contents of the coordination.

According to PSBC, "coordination is the most important strategy and core advantage of China Post", and leaders of China Post Group attach great importance to the coordination and place great expectations on it, thus the two parties should get it implemented earnestly. At present, the coordination between the bank and securities features a wide scope, plenty opportunities and strong complementarity, hence a huge room for coordinated development. Bank-securities coordination has become all the more important, as the direct financing market in China is gradually expanding, especially when transforming to the development mode of “customer-centered commercial bank plus investment bank plus asset management”. Next, PSBC will work out solutions, strengthen communication, and organize training programs accordingly, so as to speed up implementing the consensus reached at the meeting. It will focus on the norms and standards of coordinated development, aiming to develop a batch of outstanding cases soon for replication and promotion, thus expanding the effect of coordination. Moreover, PSBC will regularly inspect and review the projects, summarize experience, make up for deficiencies, and constantly push forward an in-depth coordinated development between the bank and securities.

China Post Securities said that the coordinated development is an important part of the 14th Five-Year Plan of China Post Group, and that the abundant resources of PSBC provide important support for the rapid development of the company. China Post Securities will resolutely implement the strategies and plans of China Post Group, and strive to give full play to its professional value and contribute to the building of postal financial ecosystem with the strong support of PSBC. Next, it will take the initiative to coordinate with PSBC, establish a normal joint mechanism, conscientiously and meticulously implement the bank-securities coordination, and actively press ahead with the implementation of relevant decisions made at the meeting. It will also strengthen the development of a professional team as well as a science and technology platform, enhance professional guidance and technology empowerment, improve the capacity of business undertaking and comprehensive service, optimize customer experience and boost the effect of coordination. Furthermore, China Post Securities will continue to operation in accordance with laws and regulations, and conduct business in a compliant manner, thereby developing a number of coordination projects that can be learned from and replicated, and quickly breaking new ground for coordinated development.

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