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Container consolidation helps boost China Post overseas warehousing service
Container consolidation helps boost China Post overseas warehousing service
| China Post News |2021-06-01

"I would like to have 20 cubic meters space in the USA East Facility", "30 cubic meters space for me in the USA West Facility "... Recently, the notice of new messages kept coming out from the WeChat group, which was set up by Ruian Postal Branch in Zhejiang Province to provide its customers with information about the container consolidation service of China Post overseas warehousing service. It turned out that the international logistics center of Ruian Postal Branch has 4 containers ready to be sent to the East Facility and the West Facility in America, with a total space of 260 cubic meters, and expected to arrive in the facilities within 30 days. Most of the snap-ups in the WeChat group are from local companies in Ruian City, and China postal overseas warehousing service provides a convenient channel for these companies to expand overseas markets and develop cross-border trade.

According to Mr. Chen Jianzhong, deputy general manager of the Parcel, Express and Logistics Business Unit of Ruian Postal Branch, container consolidation business launched by China Post is to help small and medium-sized manufacturing companies and foreign trade companies to solve the difficult problem of international shipping through consolidation and integration. Through the building of more economical cross-border logistics channels, China Post can better support the development of small and medium-sized customers, and at the same time increase the utilization rate of overseas warehouses.

"Delivering through overseas warehouses not only improves the delivery speed and customer satisfaction, but also allows flexible goods returns and exchanges, all of which have contributed to the increasing sales of our overseas stores", Ms. Wei, who specializes in auto and motorcycle parts, said that. Ms. Wei used to manage her foreign trade export business through direct mail service. However, with the development and booming of cross-border e-commerce platforms, customers have higher requirements for shipping time limit. Traditional direct delivery service can no longer meet the needs of customers in peak seasons, and quite often the shipping time limit cannot live up to the standard. Later, Ms. Wei tried to ship goods through China Post's overseas warehousing services, which basically solved the problem of long-time waiting for delivery. After receiving an overseas online order, cross-border e-commerce retailers can ship directly from overseas warehouses and deliver the goods locally, with faster delivery, shorter time, and less costs.

Container consolidation is equivalent to a small transit warehouse, which is convenient for local customers to deliver goods in an integrated manner. The goods are loaded domestically and then shipped all the way to overseas warehouses, which not only saves customers the first-haul transportation fee, but also ensures the safety of the goods. The working staff from the overseas warehouse team will notify customers of the information one month in advance, allowing customers to make reservations in advance. Therefore, there was the news we had at the very beginning that companies in the WeChat group were rushing to snap up the consolidation services.

It is reported that China Post has set up the US East Facility, US West Facility, US South Facility, Australia Facility, UK Facility, France Facility, Italy Facility, Spain Facility, Czech Republic Facility, and Russia Facility, and the Japan Facility and Brazil Facility will soon be set up in the future. The overseas warehouse service team of Ruian Postal Branch was established in 2017. In recent years, the scale of cross-border e-commerce business has continued to expand, and the number of containers sent to overseas warehouses has also grown rapidly, from 2 containers per month in the early stage to 30 containers per month during the peak period. In 2020, Ruian Postal Branch shipped a total of about 350 containers, driving local foreign trade volume to nearly 200 million yuan (about 31.2 million US dollars). In the first five months of this year, Ruian Postal Branch has shipped more than 90 containers with a total revenue of nearly 60 million yuan (about 9.38 million US dollars), and boosted the exports to 220 million yuan (about 34.4 million US dollars).

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