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Three postal employees are named as young sci-tech talents in transportation
Three postal employees are named as young sci-tech talents in transportation
| China Post News |2021-05-25

The general office of the Ministry of Transport recently announced the 2020 list of young sci-tech talents in transportation sector. Xu Cao, manager of product R&D office of Innovation and R&D Center of China Post Science and Technology Company Limited, Chen Gang, deputy director of Parcel, Express and Logistics Research Institute of Postal Science Research and Planning Institute, and Wang Yanli, associate professor from Shijiazhuang Posts and Telecommunications Technical College were successfully listed.

Xu Cao entered the postal system in 2011. In early times, he, as a main supervisor, participated in the double layer cross belt sorter project of China Post Group in many places, as well as express sorter projects in several private companies. In 2018, he was responsible for the development of “China Post 1” sorter, creating the first-generation sorting machines of China Post Science and Technology Company Limited. Recently, he is engaged in the research and development of “unmanned” series of products. Over the years, Xu Cao has been contributing to China Post and the express and logistics industry. Up to now, he has obtained 14 patents, including 12 invention patents and 2 utility patents.  

As the main research team leader of the information system consulting and design field and quota research field of Postal Science Research and Planning Institute, Chen Gang has successively undertaken more than 200 design and consulting research tasks concerning China Post Group information and network engineering. In more than 10 years of work, Chen Gang has been responsible for completing many pioneering and innovative projects, conducting feasibility studies of super large-scale information systems such as the standardized construction plan for on-site management system in 21 mail processing centers across the country, new-generation parcel, express and logistics information platform, and a big data platform.

Wang Yanli is the head teacher of logistics teaching and research office of the Express Logistics Department of Shijiazhuang Posts and Telecommunications Technical College. Focusing on integrating higher vocational education theories and frontier knowledge of industry development into teaching, she takes the initiative to undertake tasks such as teaching reform, specialty construction and training environment construction. She has headed up or participated in 7 teaching reform programs at provincial level and more than 10 horizontal support programs and school-level programs. She has published 12 essays, 5 of which are retrieved by EI or published in core journals. Based on the postal teaching position, Wang Yanli is well received by students. She has won honorary titles such as “Outstanding Teacher of Hebei Province” and “March 8th Red-banner Pace-setter of Shijiazhuang City”.

It is understood that strengthening the selection and management of young sci-tech talents in transportation sector is a specific measure taken by the Leading Party Members’ Group of the Ministry of Transportation to implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions on talent work and to implement the principle of the Party exercising leadership over talent administration. At present, 11 people in the postal system have been awarded this honor and they have used their expertise and experience in science and technology to continuously empower the building of a new post with high-quality development.

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