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Heilongjiang Postal Branch launches “Harbin-Moscow” dedicated air cargo route
Heilongjiang Postal Branch launches “Harbin-Moscow” dedicated air cargo route
| China Post |2021-06-03

At 20:50 on June 1, the postal staff of Heilongjiang Postal branch witnessed excitedly and expectantly the safe and sound take-off of a Boeing 757 aircraft, carrying 29.44 tons of cargo, from Harbin Taiping International Airport. This moment marked the maiden flight of the Harbin-Moscow air cargo charter flights run by Heilongjiang Postal Branch, which left an important stroke of the brush in the history of the rapid development of its international business.



It is reported that this flight carries machinery, toys, daily necessities and other items. Heilongjiang Postal Branch plans to dispatch 3 charter flights weekly, with the maximum cargo capacity of 34 tons each, which can meet customers’ needs for delivering different types of goods in general trade and cross-border e-commerce.

In order to provide better service for cross-border e-commerce and prime clients and continually promote the competitiveness of China Post in the international logistics market, Heilongjiang Postal Branch has focused on its customer base accumulated through years of operation in the logistics channels to Russia, and conducted wide publicity to stabilize old customers and develop new customers. It has also strengthened the development of big customers. On the one hand, it has formulated pricing strategy for customers. On the other hand, it has smoothed customs declaration, shipping and other procedures, and had the goods gathered in the shortest time. Meanwhile, it has actively communicated and coordinated the Customs, carriers, freight transport and security check departments of the airport to gain supports from different authorities and ensure the seamless connection between different links, therefore, it has reduced as much shipping time for customers as possible and won the unanimous recognition of customers.  

With the strong support of the Harbin municipal government, Heilongjiang Postal Branch has successfully launched the maiden flight of the “Harbin-Moscow” chartered cargo flights, which marks the completion of its three-in-one cross-border logistics system of air, railways and highways. The opening of “Harbin-Moscow” chartered air cargo route will complement with the existing highway channel and highway-railway intermodal transport channel of Harbin-Suifenhe-Yekaterinburg to provide customers with an outbound logistic passage to Russia featuring comprehensive functions and multiple channels.

In the future, Heilongjiang Postal Branch will center on its Harbin air mail processing center, which will be put into operation soon, and rely on Harbin’s multi-dimensional logistics channels to Russia to develop an international logistics distribution system and an international hub targeting Russia and spreading to other European countries so as to facilitate the development of cross-border trade in Heilongjiang Province.

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