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Fujian Tulou special stamps issued
Fujian Tulou special stamps issued
| China Post News |2021-06-18

On May 19, China Post issued a set of four special stamps entitled Fujian Tulou, with the denomination of the whole set being 4.8 yuan, the planned circulation 7.1 million sets, and the circulation for layout 2 planned to be 950,000 sheets. 

Fujian Tulou, originating from the Song and Yuan dynasties and gradually becoming mature from the late Ming to Qing dynasties till the Republic of China, is a large, enclosed residential building with stones as the foundation and earth as walls. As a gem of Chinese residential architecture, Tulou was inscribed into the UNESCO World Heritage List on July 6, 2008.

This set of stamps feature the four seasons of the Tulou architecture, typically that of Zhencheng Tulou, Eryi Tulou, Tianluokeng Tulou cluster and Chengqi Tulou. Presented with the combination of traditional Chinese meticulous and freehand brushwork, and with rich and bright colors, the four designs have developed the profound cultural meanings of Tulou. In repeated squares and circles, the works vividly convey the subtlety of the changes of the four seasons and the marvels of Tulou’s consistency with the natural surroundings, thus giving Tulou new perspectives and hues, while the changes of light make the pictures ethereal and clear. The bird’s eye view renders the composition a stronger sense of extension in space, reflects the distinctive shape and cultural atmosphere of Tulou, and highlights the sense of cohesion and unity implied in this architectural form.

This set of stamps was designed by Liang Ming, member of Chinese Painting Art Committee of China Artists Association and vice chairman of Fujian Artists Association, and printed by Beijing Stamp Printing House with offset intaglio technology.

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