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"Guangzhou-Dalian-Seoul" temporary postal route opened
"Guangzhou-Dalian-Seoul" temporary postal route opened
| China Post |2021-06-28

At 11:35 on June 23, a "Dalian-Seoul" charter flight of China Postal Airlines, carrying more than 15000 international mail items from Guangdong, took off from Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport to Incheon International Airport in R. O. Korea. This marks the smooth opening of the temporary "Guangzhou-Dalian-Seoul" international postal route. It is also the first time for Liaoning Postal Branch to give full play to the advantages of its dedicated lines to ensure that mail items from Guangdong to R. O. Korea can be shipped abroad in an emergency via Dalian Port.  

Since the end of May, some international flights in Guangzhou have been suspended and reduced due to the outbreak of COVID-19, and the insufficient transport capacity of international air mail items thus caused has an impact on the efficiency of mail transportation. In order to alleviate the shipping difficulties at Guangzhou, satisfy the delivery needs of the people, and ensure the stable operation of the industrial and supply chain, China Post Group Corporation Limited (China Post Group) decided to open a temporary postal route and take advantage of the independent air transport capacity of the "Dalian-Seoul" dedicated line of China Postal Airlines to transit the ROK-bound international mail items from Guangdong. After receiving the emergency order from China Post Group, Liaoning Postal Branch immediately mobilized capable staff to form a working group to work out transportation plans and communicate with the Customs, airports and other authorities to ensure timely customs clearance. At the same time, Dalian Postal Branch also took prompt actions, preparing transport vehicles, making disinfection and other anti-epidemic plans, and manning the unloading and processing procedures to ensure that the mail items can be promptly unloaded on arrival and dispatched in time. In just over 30 hours, all the preparatory work for opening the temporary postal route was completed, and the first batch of mail items were successfully shipped from Guangzhou Office of Exchange to Dalian.  

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