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Commemorative stamps themed Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 --- Competition Venues launched
Commemorative stamps themed Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 --- Competition Venues launched
| China Post News |2021-06-23

The stamps and the miniature sheet of five competition venues of the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 are launched on June 23,the Olympic Day. The five venues are the Big Air Shougang, the National Aquatic Center, National Ski Jumping Centre, National Sliding Centre and the National Speed Skating Oval. Beijng Organizing Committee and China Post Group Co. Ltd(China Post Group)jointly hold the launching ceremony at the National Speed Skating Oval. Xu Zhijun, Deputy Secretary General of the Organizing Committee, and Kang Ning, Vice President of China Post Group attend the ceremony. On behalf China Post, Kang Ning presents the stamp collection No. 2022A to the Organizing Committee for permanent collection and Xu Zhijun accepts the precious gift on behalf the Organizing Committee.

Venue construction is the important foundation and guarantee for the successful hosting of the Olympic Games. The venue construction of the Games Beijing 2022 makes the most of the venues of the Olympic Games Beijing 2008, uses renewable energy resources, reflects Chinese cultural characteristics and focuses on cultural heritage and sustainable utilization, which will provide China’s wisdom, approach and strength for the development of the Olympic movement. The stamps of competition venues are an important witness to the achievements of the Beijing Winter Olympics venue construction. They are also the 5th set of commemorative stamps with the theme of the Beijing Olympic Winter Games issued by China Post, recording the key process of the Games. China Post will continue to cooperate with the Organizing Committee and contribute postal strength with more spectacular stamps to show the world the beauty of the Beijing Olympic Winter Games.

The set of the commemorative stamps consists of four stamps and one miniature sheet. The value of the whole set is 10.80 yuan, and the planned circulation is 7.5 million for the commemorative stamps and 6.3 million for the miniature sheet. The patterns of the four commemorative stamps are the Big Air Shougang, the National Aquatic Center, National Ski Jumping Centre, National Sliding Centre, and the pattern of the miniature sheet is the National Speed Skating Oval. The stamps are designed in horizontal strip of four, with a curve running through them. According to the structural characteristics of the venue, the miniature sheet is oval-shaped and ornamented with snowflakes on the decorative margins.

The set of commemorative stamps has many highlights in technology. The red and yellow ink of the stamp will emit bright fluorescence when observed under ultraviolet light. Pearlescent ink is used for the "snowflake" element on the stamps, and the glittering effect of snowflakes can be appreciated under sunlight. The words “Beijing 2022” on the decorative margins adopt paper engraving technology, which follows the technology of Winter Olympics stamp series, with anti-counterfeiting performance, while adding novel artistic effects. Fresnel lens micro-nano lithography technology is used for miniature sheet for the first time, which creates the sense of rhythm of the “Ice Ribbon” (the nickname for the National Speed Skating Oval) in the sunlight. The remaining glass material in the construction of the National Speed Skating Oval is processed into 50 micron usable particles through a special technology, and mixed with red engraving ink to make the Ice Ribbon special ink. Under the magnifying glass, the glass material is faintly visible in the red speed skating sport icon printed on the engraving plate. In addition, full-color night scene printing technology is applied to the miniature sheet. Under the purple light, the venue Ice Ribbon can immediately present the night scene of being lit with bright neon, with wonderful light and shadow around it.

In conjunction with this stamp issuance, China Post has also launched a variety of philatelic products such as first day covers, postcards, stamp folders, and stamp albums. Among them, to highlight the concept of maximum, the engraved postcards of the competition venues use the same machine, same technique and same printing technology (web offset intaglio) as the zodiac stamps, which fully displays the architectural image and structural beauty of the venues. Postmarks of the places of the venues are applied to the stamps which would be issued in limited quantities. Stamp folder entitled the Light of the Mark skillfully displays all the 12 competition venues of the Games through the undulating mountain shape. Stamp collection entitled Building a Dream of Olympic Winter Games contains layout 1, layout 2, miniature sheet, first day cover and miniature sheet FDC of this set of stamps. It is also worth paying attention to. The set of stamps and philatelic products will be sold at designated postal outlets and such online channels as online mall of China philately, China Post Mobile App and so on.

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