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Guangdong Postal Branch launches cross-border commercial channel selection platform
Guangdong Postal Branch launches cross-border commercial channel selection platform
| China Post News |2021-07-08

Guangdong Postal Branch recently held an online product release to officially launch the cross-border commercial channel selection platform called Yueyangbao. This is another major effort of Guangdong Postal Branch to provide Logistics Supermarket service for cross-border e-commerce sellers after launching platforms such as “priority shipment” and “direct route”.

The global outbreak of COVID-19 since 2020 has posed challenges to cross-border logistics. In such a situation, Guangdong Postal Branch introduced the platform Yueyangbao, which has pooled a large number of high-quality non-postal resources in cross-border transportation, customs clearance, distribution and other fields, together with the superior domestic transportation network of China Post. In this way, it has upgraded the single international postal service into a comprehensive service system, and made it a new choice for cross-border e-commerce sellers to facilitate their export trade. The platform Yueyangbao, with its channel integration service, is especially important for small- and medium-sized sellers who lack information sources, bargaining power, and energy and time to manage their delivery channels.

As a resource integration platform, Yueyangbao links over 100 channels and over 1000 dedicated lines, covering a complete range of services such as small packets, bulk order, express lines and special offers. Sellers can enjoy the benefit of VIP or group purchase prices with a small quantity of goods, with the weight of the goods matching the best price channel in each line. This platform uses the system independently developed by China Post to carry out unified management and support the mainstream Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) of e-commerce enterprises, with China Post providing both collection and after-sales service.

It is understood that after more than one year’s efforts, Guangdong Postal Branch has made a great breakthrough in the development of commercial channels, which has become an important part of its international business. After the launch of Yueyangbao, Guangdong Postal Branch will continue to increase the number of channels, strive to connect all mainstream and high-quality channel resources in the market, focus on developing independent dedicated lines and high-quality postal products, and provide comprehensive one-stop cross-border logistics services for the community.

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