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PSBC participates in national carbon market development
PSBC participates in national carbon market development
| China Post News |2021-07-19

On July 16, the launching ceremony of China’s National Carbon Market Online Trading was held in Beijing, Shanghai and Hubei province simultaneously. Liu Jianjun, incoming President of the Postal Savings Bank of China (PSBC) attended the ceremony at the Shanghai venue and delivered a speech in the China Carbon Trading Market Forum as a representative of financial institutions. Xu Xueming, Vice President of PSBC attended the launching ceremony and the first 30·60 International Conference at the Hubei venue.

On that day, PSBC joined in initiating an alliance for carbon neutrality action and, together with other financial institutions, issued a joint initiative on supporting the construction of Shanghai international carbon financial center. It also signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement on Supporting National Carbon Market Development with China Carbon Emission Rights Registration and Clearing Co., Ltd. (Wuhan).

PSBC has been actively carrying out the green development philosophy and promoted the construction of green banking in an all-around way from corporate governance, strategic planning, policy making, product innovation, financial technologies and risk management to capacity building and other aspects. By the end of 2020, its green loan balance had reached 280.936 billion yuan (about 43.29 billion US dollars), with a year-on-year growth of 30.20%, 9.9 percentage points higher than the average growth rate of the banking industry. In recent years, PSBC has successively won the title of Exemplary Unit in Green Banking Overall Evaluation by China Banking Association.

It is said that PSBC will continue to stick to Xi Jinping Thought on Ecological Conservation, actively carry out the green development philosophy and take the opportunity of the launching of China’s national carbon market online trading to develop green finance with every effort and strengthen the construction of green banking, thereby facilitating China to reach carbon peak and neutrality goals. First, PSBC will integrate the carbon peak and neutrality goals into all aspects of its development strategies and the whole process of its operations and management. Second, it will stick to the goal-oriented measures, include green and low-carbon development into its 14th Five-Year Plan and strongly support such areas as energy conservation and environment protection, clean production, clean energy, ecological environment construction, green upgrading of infrastructure and green service. Third, it will continuously innovate green financial products and services, provide proper guidance on the investment of financial resources, and improve the quality and efficiency of financial services. Fourth, PSBC will strengthen the development of green banking, promote eco-friendly offices and low-carbon life, and cultivate and advocate green corporate culture of financial institutions.

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