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Implementation Measures for the Evaluation of Vocational Skill Levels issued
Implementation Measures for the Evaluation of Vocational Skill Levels issued
| China Post News |2021-08-13

China Post Group Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as China Post Group) recently prescribed and issued the Implementation Measures for the Evaluation of Vocational Skill Levels (hereinafter referred to as the Measures) on the basis of the actual situation of the enterprise.

The Measures, consisting of 29 articles in 7 chapters, define the classification and evaluation of vocational skill levels, and stipulate such details as the organizational system, responsibilities, scope and methods, organization and management, staff and management, and fund management. The Measures serve as a system guarantee for China Post Group to meet the requirements for deepening the reform in the vocational qualification system, implement the vocational skill rating system, do a good job in talent evaluation and strengthen the skilled workforce construction.

According to the Measures, the evaluation of vocational skill levels refers to the activity of assessment of the vocational skill levels of the employees, which is officially approved by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (hereinafter referred to as the MHRSS) of the People’s Republic of China, in line with the national vocational skill standard or enterprise evaluation standard. The evaluation of vocational skill levels is an important way of assessing skilled personnel. According to the national or enterprise standards, employees are classified into five levels: primary workers (Level 5), intermediate workers (Level 4), senior workers (Level 3), technicians (Level 2) and senior technicians (Level 1), which is suitable for the assessment of vocational skill levels carried out by the postal enterprises at all levels. Included in the scope of vocational skill level evaluation are the employees engaged in related positions (types of work) in the postal enterprises at all levels, employees engaged in related positions (types of work) in third-party outsourcing agencies cooperating with the postal enterprises, and students in related majors in vocational and technical colleges sponsored by or partnered with the postal enterprises.

According to the Measures, professional ethics should be the primary content of vocational skill level evaluation, and the focus should be on the abilities of the employees to carry out operating procedures, conducting safe production, solving production problems and completing tasks. The Measures also pay attention to the assessment of job performance, production service results, innovation achievements and actual contributions. Among them, the evaluation of primary, intermediate and senior workers is made by the method of theoretical knowledge examination and operation skill assessment; the determination of technicians and senior technicians is made by a combination of evaluation methods, including examination of theoretical knowledge and assessment of professional ability and ethics, and work performance. Based on the actual results of production, the evaluation is done through multiple methods including process assessment, modular assessment, direct determination, competitions and others.

According to the Measures, the skilled personnel evaluation center of the postal branch of each province (autonomous region, municipality) shall, according to the needs of skilled personnel cultivation, propose annual vocational skill level evaluation plan, present it to the guidance center of China Post Group, and put it on record with the local provincial human resources and social security authority. Evaluation supporting center and evaluation centers of the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) shall select and assign evaluation personnel and quality supervisors, and implement the avoidance system (which bans people linked to the employee under evaluation from participating in the process). Vocational skill level certificates uniformly printed and issued by China Post Group shall be included in the scope of national and enterprise talent statistics and identification, and serve as the basis for the implementation of relevant talent policies. The vocational skill level certificate adopts double filing management, which means the guidance center of China Post Group reports the certificate information to the MHRSS, and province (autonomous region and municipality) evaluation centers report to the local provincial human resources and social security authorities respectively. The vocational skill level evaluation files should be properly kept to ensure that the evaluation process and results can be traced and retraced.

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