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September 19 Postal E-commerce Festival to kick off
September 19 Postal E-commerce Festival to kick off
| China Post News |2021-08-17

To serve the national rural revitalization strategy, carry out the new development philosophy, and further improve the brand awareness of China Post’s rural e-commerce, China Post Group Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as China Post Group) decided to launch the fifth “September 19 E-commerce Festival” from September 1 to 30 and go all out to boost the high-quality development of its rural e-commerce. With the theme of “More Shopping on ULE, More Happiness with Families” and featuring the integrated online and offline development mode of China Post, the constant, multi-perspective and all-around promotional campaign will comprehensively improve the awareness and influence of the festival.

It is said that the fifth “September 19 E-commerce Festival” is about to launch three blockbuster activities including B2C retail, B2B platform wholesale and value-added convenience services. Besides, incentives of nearly 1 billion yuan (154.6 million US dollars) will be offered.

In terms of B2C retail, this ecommerce festival will take into account the Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival to design relevant business scenarios and launch member benefit services. According to the schedule, the warm-up period is from August 16 to 31. The formal campaign is from September 1 to 23, which will be further extended from September 24 to 30 with special offers of the campaign still valid during this period. The campaign will foster 300 agricultural products of over 10, 000 orders and offer 20,000 “postal golden beans (similar to the function of vouchers)” for each postal financial outlet.

In terms of B2B platform wholesale, the festival will, focusing on ULE stations, members, items with hefty orders and information accessibility, further promote the digitization of ULE stations, push forward the implementation of “outlets plus stations” management mode, and develop an ecosystem combining the platform, businesses, outlets, stations and members, thereby making businesses satisfied, facilitating outlets to acquire more customers, activating ULE stations, benefiting members and increasing sales. During the campaign, supermarket-like ULE stations will be fully activated and all wholesale stations will generate orders. 1000 promotional activities of farming materials will be held to boost the coordination of businesses. According to the schedule, campaign introduction will be released through all available channels and first-round offline promotions will be carried out by putting up relevant posters and releasing flyers during the warm-up period. Traffic driving activities will go on through all available channels, and marketing activities targeted at stations and members will also be held during the formal campaign period, and all the activities will be extended September 30. During the campaign, the online campaign of the ULE platform will take the slogan of “stocking up economically at ULE system”, while the offline campaign will take “getting your best buy at ULE stations” as their slogan.

In terms of value-added convenience services, during the festival, postal branches will make use of the ULE stores and China Post vehicle affairs channel to assist in marketing insurance and telecommunication products, and facilitate the transformation and development of value-added services through a series of activities like special offers for insurance purchase and discounts for card application.

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