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China successfully re-elected as member country of CA and POC during 27th UPU Congress
China successfully re-elected as member country of CA and POC during 27th UPU Congress
| State Post Bureau |2021-08-27


Chinese delegation attends the 27th Universal Postal Congress online.


From August 25 to 26, local time, China has been successfully re-elected as a member country of the new Council of Administration (CA) and the new Postal Operations Council (POC) on the 27th Universal Postal Congress in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. Masahiko Metoki of Japan has been elected the new Director General of the UPU International Bureau, while Marjan Osvald of Slovenia has been elected as the Deputy Director General.

Mr. Ma Junsheng, Director-General of the State Post Bureau and head of the Chinese delegation, delivered a speech online. In the speech, he expressed his warm congratulations on the opening of the 27th Universal Postal Congress in Abidjan, his heartfelt thanks to the government of Côte d’Ivoire for its hard work in organizing the Congress. He also extended his high tribute to the UPU International Bureau led by Director General Bishar A. Hussein and Deputy Director General Pascal Clivaz for its outstanding performance in the Istanbul cycle, and to the UPU member countries which have done everything possible to organize the transportation of international mail and ensure the smooth operation of the international postal route at the most difficult time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr. Ma Junsheng said that the convening of the Congress once again proved the strong cohesion and innovation of the UPU, reflected the unity of the global postal sector in supporting each other and weathering the storm, and demonstrated the global postal sector’s strong confidence and determination to jointly respond to the world economic and social changes, give play to the role of public service, and promote the sustainable development of the postal industry. In the past two weeks, the Congress has passed a series of important resolutions, which will have a profound impact on strengthening the global postal network and boosting the development of global postal services.

According to Mr. Ma Junsheng, the development of China’s postal industry is inseparable from the trust and support of the UPU member countries. China has always advocated multilateralism, valued the UPU’s important role in all aspects of the development of global postal services, actively participated in the work of the UPU, and earnestly fulfilled the obligations of the member countries, thus making positive contributions to the development of the global postal industry and the construction of UPU’s governance system. Facing the future, China will continue to do its best to serve the UPU family as always.

After the election results were announced, Bishar A. Hussein and Pascal Clivaz expressed their congratulations to the newly elected Director General and Deputy Director General, and gave thanks to the member countries for their support during their two terms of office. In his speech, Masahiko Metoki promised that he would always work for all the UPU member countries by listening to each voice carefully and by considering the differences. Marjan Osvald said that he would meet the challenges and comprehensively improve the efficiency of the UPU.

The successful re-election of China as a member country of the UPU Council of Administration and Postal Operations Council indicates the support and recognition of China from the UPU and its member countries. During the Congress, the Chinese delegation hosted a reception. Mr. Ma Junsheng, Director General of the State Post Bureau, Mr. Liu Aili, Chairman of China Post Group Co., Ltd., Mr. Wan Li, China’s ambassador to Côte d'Ivoire, Ms. Teresa Au Postmaster General of Hongkong Post, and Lau Wai Meng, Director of Macao Post and Telecommunications Bureau, delivered speeches respectively via video link, expressing their thanks to the UPU and its member countries for their support to China. Hussein, Masahiko Metoki, Marjan Osvald and more than 600 representatives from various countries attended the reception.

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